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6 Holiday Traditions You Can Skip This Year for a Stress Free Holiday

6 Holiday Traditions You Can Skip This Year for a Stress Free Holiday

Would you like a stress free holiday this year? Then you can skip these holiday traditions.

The holiday season can be extremely stressful! With a jam-packed calendar filled with holiday events to a long list of names to cross off your shopping list, finding the time to finish everything on your to-do list can sometimes seem impossible. Not to mention all the holiday traditions you plan to do with your family to make some holiday memories.

Luckily, there are a variety of simple ways to trim your to-do list without sacrificing quality time with your family. This year, cut out these six holiday traditions to have a stress-free holiday.

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Elf on the Shelf

While your kids may love seeing all the silly shenanigans that your family’s Elf on the Shelf takes part in during the holiday season, think about how much you would reduce your holiday stress just by leaving the elf at the North Pole this year.

Instead of adding more work to your plate this holiday season, finding a way to skip Elf on the Shelf this year is an easy way to reduce the amount of work you’ll have to do this Christmas. And this year, you have a great excuse to let your family’s elf skip their annual visit. Just tell your kids your elf has to quarantine at the North Pole!

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Hanging Holiday Lights

Christmas lights are fun to look at, but if you’ve ever tried hanging them yourself, you know what a headache they can be. Skip the stress of trying to make your home twinkle for the holidays by leaving the outdoor holiday light displays for your neighbors.

Instead of hanging lights on your home, hop in the car and drive around town to look at other people’s lights for a fun family night out. Or purchase a holiday lights projector to make decorating your home’s exterior much easier this Christmas.

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Shopping for Christmas Gifts in the Store

Fighting the holiday crowd while looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list is an easy way to add stress to your Christmas celebrations this year. But there’s no reason to head to the mall this holiday season when you can easily shop from the comfort of your own home.

Instead of trying to brave your favorite store this Christmas, grab your phone or laptop and do your Christmas shopping online. You can shop at your own pace and purchase everything you need right from your couch. 

Here are some fantastic gift guide ideas!

Buying too Much

Overspending and over-gifting have become a holiday tradition for many families. But it’s not one that needs to continue from year to year! This year, help reduce the stress associated with Christmas and take the focus off gifts by making a point to reduce the number of gifts your purchase and give.

Make a budget and gift list at the beginning of the shopping season and stick to your plan to ensure you don’t add more stress to your holiday by buying too much and going into debt.

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Holiday Parties

Whether you host an annual party or just have a long list of holiday celebrations, Christmas parties are a fact of life during the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you have to commit to attending every party you’re invited to. Reduce the stress surrounding the holidays by making a point to keep your calendar free by saying “no” to some of your party invites.

Take a look at all the parties you have on your schedule and think about the ones you dread attending. Mark those parties off your to-do list to help reduce your holiday stress this year.

And if you’re the host of an annual party but are hoping to take some work off your plate this year, consider canceling the event or asking a friend or family member to host instead. You could even ask someone to co-host the party to help reduce the time and effort you need to put into planning and hosting the event.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Holiday Feast

Enjoying a big meal on Christmas day is typically a family event that everyone looks forward to – unless you’re the one responsible for cooking. Instead of adding more stress on you this Christmas, think about ways you can cut back on your holiday meal to reduce your workload this year. There are several options you could consider to help make meal prep easier for you:

  • Host a potluck meal and ask friends and family members to bring sides and desserts, allowing you to focus only on the main dish
  • Ask another friend or family member to host the meal this year, then bring a side dish or dessert instead of cooking the entire meal
  • Start prepping for the meal early by precooking parts of the dinner before the big day, giving you more time to spend with your family and allow you to spend less time in the kitchen

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Check Out These Christmas Traditions Your Family Will Cherish! These are definitely great for a stress free holiday

Christmas traditions are some of the most powerful bonding opportunities for your family. I know the memories I made as a kid at Christmas-time are a strong anchor for me as an adult. 

There are so many ideas though. It’s hard to keep track, isn’t it? Well, these Christmas family traditions are fantastic. Hope you like these ideas!

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