The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids Under $10

The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids Under $10

These Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids are under $10 and totally fun! Your kids will love them!

Stocking stuffers can get expensive quickly! While small little gifts can be the special touch that your family needs this Christmas, it’s easy to go nuts on the stockings! There are a lot of great gift ideas that will fit into your child’s stocking this Christmas under $10! These gifts are just as great as what they’ll find under the tree but without the huge price tag! Here are the best stocking stuffer ideas under $10.

The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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Gift cards

Gift cards that are $10 or less can still be a great stocking stuffer! iTunes or Google Play Gift cards can get an app or some songs for your kids. Redbox is another excellent gift card you can get for under $10.

Fun Christmas socks

Christmas socks can be a fun little treat for your kids! The Dollar Store has a ton of great sock ideas during the holiday season, but you can also find packs online or at various stores during the holiday season for under $10.

Coloring books

The Dollar Store is another great place to find coloring books, but if you have older kids, you may need to spend a little more to get them an adult coloring book. Sometimes you can find them at The Dollar Store, but the selection is limited. 


If you have a young reader in your home, you can’t go wrong with a good book! While you can always go to the library for books, sometimes having a book of their own can be a great gift idea.

Card games

Most card games are under $10, with the exception being larger games such as Cards Against Humanity. However, games such as Uno, Phase 10, and other fun card games can be found for under $10!


Activity books

You can find some fun Christmas themed activity books that your kids are going to love! These can be anything from Mad Libs to Word Searches. 

Bath bombs

Bath bombs can be a fun stocking stuffer for both adults and kids! You can even find some Crayola bath bombs for under $10 for your little ones.


Play-doh is a classic Christmas stocking stuffer! You can find play-doh at The Dollar Tree, and even some of the play-doh kit supplies to go with it!


While you may not be able to get a whole kit for under $10, you can find a bunch of LEGO knock-off or small piece collections for under $10. These are still just as fun as some of the larger kits but make for great stocking stuffers.

Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk sets can be found at almost any store for under $10. If you stock up during the summer months, you can get your chalk at a massive discount.


Stickers are always a good idea! You can find huge packs of them for under $10 at Michael’s, The Dollar Tree, and even craft stores.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas for how to fill up your stockings for less this Christmas! 

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