How To Put Together A Special North Pole Breakfast For Kids

How To Put Together A Special North Pole Breakfast For Kids

Start a super fun family tradition your kids will love. Put together a special North Pole Breakfast during the holiday season!

Christmas is the perfect time of year to indulge in a few extra special family traditions with your little ones. If you have never heard of a North Pole Breakfast, it’s a Christmas tradition your kids won’t soon forget!

The idea is that your kids will find on Christmas Eve, morning, or any day throughout the holiday season that Santa, or maybe even the Elf on the Shelf, has made them an extra special meal courtesy of the North Pole! This is a really over the top fun breakfast for your kids that they will love! Here is how to put together a North Pole Breakfast for your kids.

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Decorate your table with Christmas cheer

A nice little touch to your North Pole Breakfast is to add a little Christmas cheer to your table! Get a simple silver table cloth (you can find these at The Dollar Tree) and then sprinkle a little Christmas confetti or red and white decor all over the table! This elegant spread is so simple to do but will add that special North Pole touch to your meal.

north pole breakfast

Use Christmas elements throughout your display

Christmas placemats, napkins, and plates can make your North Pole Breakfast a little over the top! If you are looking for something more elegant, pick up a Dollar Tree charger and get a fun Christmas plate to put on top! Have your kids decorate their own Christmas mugs, and then fill them with juice for their breakfast!

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Whip up some special Christmas dishes

There are so many different North Pole Breakfast foods that you can make for your kids. The goal is to make these a little different than your standard breakfast items!

Dye your pancakes green and add some sprinkles and whipped cream on top. Use cookie cutters to make your french toast into fun Christmas shapes, and get creative! You don’t have to spend a lot of time creating this North Pole Breakfast, but these added touches will bring the whole look together!

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Leave a note from Santa or a North Pole Elf

If this is your first year making a North Pole Breakfast, then you may want to include a little message from the North Pole. This can be a fun way to get your kids excited about Christmas or to see Santa.

You can write anything you want, and even leave a glass of milk and cookies for the kids from Santa as a way of thanking them!

north pole breakfast

Leave a few small gifts for your kids

You want to save the big gifts for your kids on Christmas, but it can still be fun to add a few small gifts for your kids to enjoy now! Gather a few small gifts from The Dollar Tree, wrap them up, and leave it on their plate to find when it’s time for breakfast!

north pole breakfast

This is a fun and creative new tradition that your kids will look forward to year after year! Remember, it doesn’t have to look like something off of Pinterest! It’s the thought and effort that counts, and your kids will be excited no matter what you do!

Here are some more fun ideas for Christmas fun!

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