Thankful Turkey Printable Activity For Kids

Thankful Turkey Printable Activity For Kids

This thankful turkey printable activity for kids is the perfect activity to teach kids gratefulness at Thanksgiving!

How do you teach a kid to be thankful? How can you grow a heart of gratitude in your kids, and quite frankly, in yourself too?

Thanksgiving should not be the only day of the year to focus on blessings, but it’s a great start! And, if you have younger children, doing some simple thankfulness activities can really make this concept really come to life for them!

Simple Ways To Teach Kids To Be Thankful

Here are some quick ideas for activities you can do with your kids to teach thankfulness and gratitude:

  • Create a thankfulness jar
  • Play the gratitude game (basically everyone gets to say what they are thankful for on their turn.. there are quite a few variations)
  • Say what you are grateful for for each family member
  • Decorate a thankful tree
  • Donate toys, clothes, and books to other children. Have your kids help with the downsizing
  • Practice serving or volunteering together
  • Focus on experiences instead of possessions
  • Send thank you notes
  • Say please and thank you
  • Create a thankfulness turkey

Say what? What in the world is a thankfulness turkey? 

thankful turkey printable activity for kids

A Fun Thankfulness ACtivity For Kids At Thanksgiving

This adorable FREE Thanksgiving Activity printable is such a great idea for anytime in the weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving.

The concept is ridiculously simple.

  1. Download the free printable (there are two files, you can download the one you want or both!).

thankful turkey printable activity for kids

  1. The first version is already colored in for you. All your kids have to do is cut out the Turkey and feathers. 
  2. Then you use a glue stick or tape to attach each feather to the back of the turkey.
  3. Either before or after you stick the feathers on, you talk about things you are thankful for. Every item your child is thankful for you write on one feather.
  4. The second version is exactly the same as the first one EXCEPT, the turkey and feathers are not already colored in. So, your kids can color the turkey and feathers first, and then talk about what they are thankful for!

thankful turkey printable activity for kids

Isn’t this such a fun and easy activity to do with kids on Thanksgiving? And I think it’s an easy way to teach thankfulness to even younger children. 

Download Your FREE Thankful Turkey Printable Now!

I’ll make this super easy for you…. because it is the season to be thankful and I am thankful for you!

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