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18 Crafty Gifts for Creative Kids

18 Crafty Gifts for Creative Kids

Does your kid like to be creative and do arts and crafts? If so, these crafty gifts will definitely be a winner with them!

Our kids have so many toys, which is why I love finding fun Christmas gifts that aren’t toys at all. These holiday gift ideas will help spark you kids’ imagination and let them get a little creative, too. Crafty gifts will totally spark your kid’s creative juices!

From cute craft kits with everything they need to create a work of art to cool craft supplies that will allow them to make their own masterpiece, this big list of crafty gifts for creative kids has a ton of great gift ideas for your holiday list.

craft gifts for creative kids

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Color and Cuddle Pony

Let your little one decorate their own stuffed animal with this cute craft kit. This Color and Cuddle Pony comes with washable clothes and four different washable markers, which means she can decorate her pony, wash it, and redecorate it as many times as she wants!


Paint Pens

From rock painting to wooden crafts, there are so many great uses for paint pens. And since this big set is water-based and non-toxic, you can be sure your creative kid is safe while they’re crafting with this paint pen set.


Drawing Paper

If you have a little artist at home, drawing paper is a must. These three large drawing pads are made with heavy weight bond paper, which is ideal for young artists who enjoy drawing and painting.


Craft Supply Kit

Creative kids can never have too many craft supplies! And with this big craft supply kit, you can be sure they’ll have everything they need to complete any crafting project, including crafting sticks, pom pom balls, googly eyes, emoji eye stickers, pipe cleaners, feathers, clothespins, and paint brushes.


Growing Crystals Kit

Combine crafts with science with this cool kit, which gives your kids a chance to grow their own crystals. This Growing Crystals Kit even comes with a display case for your kid’s crystals when they’re finished growing!


Crafting Scissors

Need a good stocking stuffer for your creative kid? They’ll love this set of crafting scissors! With five different patterns, your little one can create tons of unique designs each time they cut.


Coloring Kit

Coloring is a popular activity among creative and crafty kids, which is why I’m sure this huge coloring kit will be a popular Christmas gift. Complete with traditional crayons, glitter crayons, construction paper crayons, colored pencils, chalk, and markers, your little one will have plenty of options each time they color thanks to this great kit.


Paper Roll Dispenser

Give your creative kid an endless canvas with this cool paper roll dispenser. Simply attach the dispenser to a table or desk and add some easel paper, then let your child get creative on their extra-long canvas.


Decorate Your Own Dinosaur Kit

Do you have a dinosaur lover at home? Combine their love of reptiles and their creative flair with this cool decorate your own dinosaur kit. In addition to four different kinds of dinosaurs, this kit comes with paint, brushes, and stickers to decorate them.


Washi Tape Set

Washi tape is a great craft supply to have on hand, no matter what age you are! And this big washi tape set – which features 10 solid color rolls and 20 rolls with patterns – has a ton of crafting potential for your creative kid.


Stencil Set

Stencils are a great way for young kids to practice drawing, which is why I love this big stencil set. In addition to 12 different reusable stencils, it also comes with everything your little one will need to get started, including pencils and paper.


Paper Bag Monster Kit

Preschoolers love to get in on the crafty fun, too! If you have a young child who loves to be creative, they’ll love this cute paper bag monster kit, which comes with everything you need to create a variety of different silly monsters.


Monkey String

Made of brightly-colored wax-covered yarn, these cool toys are the perfect way to spark your kid’s imagination this holiday season. And with over 500 pieces in this Monkey String set, the creative possibilities are endless with this toy.


Dream Catcher Kit

Dream catchers make great crafts and great decorations. That’s why your older kids will love this dream catcher kit, which includes supplies to make two colorful dream catchers to hang in their room.


Painting Smock

Painting is always fun for kids, but it can get so messy! Make sure your little ones stay clean while they get creative with this painting smock. The long sleeves ensure their clothes stay clean and dry while they paint and the big front pockets help keep their supplies within easy reach while they’re crafting.


Pressed Flower Kit

Crafting with nature is a great way for your kids to explore outside and use their imagination in a creative way. And with this cool pressed flower kit, your kids will have a blast creating art with the things they find in nature.


Emoji Bracelet Kit

This cute emoji bracelet kit is only a great craft project. It also gives your little one some adorable jewelry to wear when they’re finished crafting!


String a Farm Kit

Lacing is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills and work on patterns and sequencing. And this adorable kit is perfect for all those things! On top of the adorable animals in this String a Farm Kit, it also comes with a durable string that will allow them to practice stringing the wooden beads over and over again.



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