The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $5

The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $5

If you are looking for fun and cheap ideas for Christmas stockings, check out these amazing stocking stuffer ideas for under $5!

Five dollars might not sound like much, but there are several excellent stocking stuffer ideas you can do with just $5! If you are on a tiny budget this Christmas, then finding a few cheap stocking stuffer ideas will make your Christmas budget stretch a whole lot further! If you are looking for some great stocking ideas, here are the best stocking stuffer ideas under $5.$5 stocking stuffer ideas

Here are the best stocking stuffer ideas for under $5

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Candy and treats are a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season. Why not add some homemade candy or even store-bought candy to your kid’s stocking! You can find boxes of candy at the Dollar Store, or even larger packs under $5 by shopping after Halloween for the clearance candy.

$5 stocking stuffer ideas

Spa day treats

If you are putting together a stocking for a teenager, you can’t go wrong with a face mask or other spa day at home treats! They are always a treat for my kids and make for a great spa day at home.

$5 stocking stuffer ideas

A fun journal or notepad

You can find a bunch of great journals that are perfect for stocking stuffers that are under $5! They have a ton of great selections at The Dollar Store or even Target!

Bouncy Ball

Bouncy balls are hours of entertainment for your kids! You can find these at any dollar store or online for under $5.

$5 stocking stuffer ideas

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos can be hours of fun for your little ones! You can pick up some winter-themed temporary tattoos for your kids to play with all winter break for under $5!


There are very few keychains that are more than $5. Unless you are looking for something by Kate Spade, you can find a bunch of adorable keychains for your kids for under $5.

Scalp massager

I’ve spotted these at the dollar store, but you can get these on Amazon for under $5 as well! This will be hours of entertainment for your kids or a fun, relaxing scalp massage for adults!

Puzzle toys

Rubik’s cubes and other puzzle toys are a great brain teaser for your kids! You can find these at secondhand shops, dollar stores, or any big box store for under $5.

$5 stocking stuffer ideas

Winter gear

You can find gloves, mittens, hats, and other outerwear for under $5! There are great options at Dollar Tree for growing kids or at Target for adults.

Slime kits

You won’t be able to get a huge kit, but there are plenty of slime kits that you can find for under $5! These will be hours of fun with your kids, and it won’t cost nearly as much!

$5 stocking stuffer ideas


If you are shopping for a teen or preteen, you can find a ton of great makeup at Dollar Tree! They have lipstick and eyeshadow for only a dollar! You can also shop around Ulta to find cheap makeup for your stocking stuffers.

You don’t need a ton of money to put together an excellent stocking for your kids! These gift ideas work great for kids of all ages, so you’ll never run out of ideas.

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Christmas traditions are some of the most powerful bonding opportunities for your family. I know the memories I made as a kid at Christmas-time are a strong anchor for me as an adult. 

There are so many ideas though. It’s hard to keep track, isn’t it? Well, these Christmas family traditions are fantastic. Hope you like these ideas!

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