Make An Easy Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit This Christmas! (FREE Printable)

Make An Easy Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit This Christmas! (FREE Printable)

Snag your FREE Printable and make this easy Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit to give as a gift or start a new tradition with your family!

If you are looking for a fun holiday tradition or an easy gift to give for Christmas, you will love this Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit. The holidays can be so much fun and full of so many great holiday traditions, but it can also be kind of stressful. This cookie kit would be fantastic for those times when you don’t feel like baking the sugar cookies but you and your kids absolutely want to decorate them. I mean, the sugar cookie decorating is the funnest part, right? (Well, that and eating the sugar cookies!).

Kids love decorating sugar cookies because they can be super creative and then they can eat the fruit of their creative efforts! You could enjoy your cookies with hot cocoa and Christmas movies. Or, you could save the cookies and set them out for Santa and his reindeer! This is a great tradition to start with kids regardless of their age!

sugar cookie decorating kit

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This Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit was designed for Christmas. However, the concept would work for any holiday. Just swap out the Christmas versions of the supplies with other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or even Easter! There are so many options and if you are giving this kit as a gift, I can guarantee you whoever receives it will be super thankful!

sugar cookie decorating kit

What you will need:

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How to put together the sugar cookie decorating kit

Clean the craft/bead organizing box and allow to dry completely.

Using a funnel (because sprinkles like to jump), place sprinkles in each compartment of the organizer. (If needed, secure the lid with clear tape.) You can load up  on holiday-themed sprinkles, but don’t forget about basics like rainbow jimmies, M&M’s, and other fun ideas that aren’t necessarily Christmas themed!

sugar cookie decorating kit
Print out the printable Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit label. Cut out the label and attach the label to the organizing box. You could attach it to the box with tape runner or craft glue. 


sugar cookie decorating kitWrap the sugar cookie kit, packaged sugar cookie mix, and packaged cookie icing in a decorative box or basket.

sugar cookie decorating kit

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