6 Simple Tips for Making Christmas Cookies With Your Kids

6 Simple Tips for Making Christmas Cookies With Your Kids

Check out these simple tips for making Christmas cookies with your kids so that you can maximize the Christmas fun and minimize the chaos!

Baking Christmas cookies is a fun tradition that everyone in your family can get involved in. But working with your kids in the kitchen takes a little bit of practice and patience. That means you might need a some help this holiday season if you plan on letting your kids help out with the Christmas baking.

Follow these six simple tips for making Christmas cookies with your kids to have a blast baking together in the kitchen this holiday season.

making christmas cookies with your kids

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Pick Age-Appropriate Tasks

Before you let your kids go crazy in the kitchen, think about simple ways each of your kids can help out while you’re baking. There are a variety of easy tasks kids of any age can do to help out while you bake. But there are also several tasks that require a little more skill to accomplish. Think about your kids’ ages and abilities before assigning them tasks in the kitchen.

christmas cookies

Younger kids can help with prep-work, like pouring, scooping, and stirring. Consider letting your younger kids pour premeasured ingredients into the bowls, scoop out add-ins like chocolate chips, or stir the dry ingredients before adding them to the dough.

Elementary aged children are great at helping with measurements and reading the recipe. Let kids this age read the recipe and measure out the ingredients for each step. They can also scoop out portions of dough onto a baking sheet, roll dough into balls before baking, and work a stand mixer with a little assistance.

Older kids are able to help with a variety of baking tasks when making Christmas cookies. They can typically use a mixer without much help, roll out dough, and cut out cookies using cookie cutters. Older kids can also put the cookies in and take them out of the oven with assistance.

Find Easy Recipes

To really get your kids involved in the baking process, it’s best to start out with simple recipes. Before you invite your kids into the kitchen, make a plan to bake simple recipes that are easy for kids to help with. Skip recipes that require multiple steps or complicated baking techniques. Or hold off on making them until the kids aren’t eager to help.


making christmas cookies with your kids

Get Kid-Sized Utensils

Using adult-sized kitchen utensils can be difficult for small hands. To make baking easier for your kids, consider purchasing a set of kid-sized baking utensils. You can find a variety of great child-size utensils that will make it easier for your kids to help while baking.

When looking for baking utensils for your kids, consider purchasing a child-sized spoon, rolling pin, whisk, apron, spatula, and oven mitt. Even if you don’t have kid-sized utensils on hand, you can still help your child feel more comfortable in the kitchen with a few adjustments. Popsicle sticks are great for helping kids spread frosting, for example. And a large dish towel works well as a kid-size apron.



making christmas cookies with your kids

Be Ready for a Mess

Letting your kids have fun in the kitchen is bound to get messy. Prepare yourself ahead of time so you’re not worried about the mess in the moment. Let your kids have a blast making their own cookies for Christmas without having to stress about the mess they’re making in the process.

But if you just can’t get over having a messy kitchen while your kids are baking, make sure to have plenty of paper towels on hand to easily clean up after your kids while they’re baking. Or use the time while the cookies are baking to teach your kids how to clean up after themselves.

making christmas cookies with your kids

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Consider a Counter Top Stool

It can be difficult for your kids to reach the countertop while they’re baking. And traditional step stools can sometimes make your child feel wobbly while they’re standing on top. With the help of a countertop stool, your kids can safely stand at the counter without worrying about them falling over while they work. Most countertop stools allow you to adjust they height, which means you can change the size of the stool as your kids grow.

making christmas cookies with your kids

Always Let Them Decorate

Decorating the cookies is the most fun part of baking for kids. That means you should always let them decorate! If you plan on giving the cookies as a gift during the holiday season, consider doubling your batch so you have plenty of extra cookies for your kids to decorate.

Then, set aside the rest of the cookies for you to decorate on your own. When giving your kids a chance to decorate the cookies, make sure to have a variety of kid-friendly cookie decorations on hand to make decorating even more fun, like:

  • Colorful icing
  • Sprinkles
  • Sanding sugar
  • Chocolate chips
  • Nuts

Simply set out all the ingredients and let your kids get creative with their cookie decorations. And after your kids have gotten all their cookies decorated, they can have even more fun enjoying their sweet treats!


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