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15 Affordable Smart Home Gift Ideas to Give This Christmas

15 Affordable Smart Home Gift Ideas to Give This Christmas

If you have a tech gadget lover in your family, check out these affordable smart home gift ideas you can give this Christmas!

Adding smart home technology to your house is a great way to make life a little bit easier. Most people believe all smart tech is too expensive for them. But I’m here to tell you how wrong that thought is! These 15 affordable smart home gift ideas are a great way to give the gift of technology without breaking the bank.

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Echo Dot

With the Echo Dot, you can control a variety of smart home devices with the sound of your voice. But even if you don’t have any other smart technology at home, you’ll love using this handy device. From helping you wake up in the morning to calling anyone on your contact list hands free, there are so many useful features that come along with this smart device.

Echo Show

For even more useful features, consider giving the gift of the Echo Show this holiday season. Featuring a five-inch smart screen display, you can use this handy smart device as a video screen, tablet, and smart home hub all in one.

Video Doorbell

This useful smart device will allow you to give a little bit of peace of mind this Christmas. This smart doorbell works as a doorbell and security camera all in one. That means you can see who is at your door any time of day, from any location with the help of your smartphone.

Smart Plugs

Turn any outlet into a smart outlet with the help of these smart plugs. These plugs are perfect for anyone just beginning to add smart technology to their home. With smart plugs, you can control anything plugged into the outlet remotely from your phone, helping you save energy in your home from any location.

Air Purifier

Help improve the air quality in your loved one’s home with this useful smart device. This smart air purifier features a HEPA filter to remove dust and allergens from the air, in addition to a UV light sanitizer to kill airborne viruses. And it can be controlled remotely, thanks to the added smart technology.

Smart Air Fryer

Make cooking quick and easy with the help of this smart air fryer. The countertop appliance can be controlled remotely from anywhere using your phone or voice controls, making it simple to get dinner started even when you’re not home.

Smart Light Bulbs

With the help of these smart light bulbs, you can make your home more energy efficient and safer, too. Set the lights on a timer to you’ll never come home to a dark house or change the hue of the light to suit your mood, all using voice commands or the app on your phone.

Fire TV Stick

Stream all your favorite shows with the help of this smart Fire TV stick. Simply plug the stick into your TV to instantly access all your favorite streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, along with tons of Amazon Prime content.

Smart Diffuser

Connect this smart diffuser to your phone or smart hub to control the aromatherapy in your home wirelessly. With the app, you can control the LED color, mist intensity, and set a timer for your essential oil mist.

Smart Dimmer Switch

Turn a traditional light switch into a smart switch with a quick replacement. This smart dimmer switch easily replaces a traditional outlet, turning all the lights into the room into smart lights in a matter of minutes.

Keyless Door Lock

Never worry about forgetting your keys again with the help of this keyless smart door lock. The lock can be locked and unlocked six different ways – fingerprint, Bluetooth, through the app, with a password, using an RFID card, and with a mechanical key. The smart lock will store up to 100 fingerprints and ID cards, which means everyone in your family can easily go key-free.

Laundry Sensor

Never forget about a load of laundry in your dryer again with the help of this smart laundry sensor. The sensor will alert your phone when the dryer has stopped and allow you to see the status of your laundry at any time.

Smart Coffee Maker

Make sure your coffee is ready whenever you need it with this smart coffee maker, which connects with your phone or Alexa for hands-free brewing.

Security Camera

Smart security systems don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. With this affordable smart security camera, you can keep your home safe while on a budget.

Pet Camera

Keep an eye on your furry family members while you’re away with the help of this smart pet camera. The camera allows you to view the inside of your home remotely, so you can always check on your pets while you’re gone.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.