The Beginner’s Guide to Camping

The Beginner’s Guide to Camping

If you want to go camping with your kids but you have never been camping before check out this great beginner’s guide to camping.

If you’ve never been camping before, then preparing for your next camping trip is going to feel overwhelming. There is so much to do and prepare that you don’t know where to start!

As a seasoned camper myself, I can still remember my first camping trip. It was a little hectic, but in the end, I was so glad we went! Now, you can find us making yearly, if not more frequent camping trips! Here is a beginner’s guide to camping to help you get started!

beginner's guide to camping

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Be careful about where you choose your campsite

Not all campsites are created equal. Many campsites require you to make a reservation ahead of time, and some campgrounds charge high daily fees. In addition to this, many campsites also have both ideal and non-ideal camping locations that you will want to be aware of. Getting to your campsite early can help you get that perfect campsite, and avoid being stuck miles away from the bathroom.

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Bring a mattress pad for your tent

If you’re not used to camping, then you may be unprepared for just how hard the ground will be. You may end up with rocks or other nature under your tent that you didn’t notice before you set up camp. While you can move some of this out of the way, some campsites are a little rustic. A mattress pad can make your tent sleep experience more comfortable and help you sleep better.

We really love this one.

Make sure you bring the right accessories

Everyone will need different supplies to go camping. Some campers don’t need a cooking stove, while others might feel more comfortable bringing an entire kitchen set with them. You need to make this decision based on YOUR family cooking and living habits. If your little ones are up late, having a camping lantern to hang in your tent might be a necessity. If you plan on camping for one night, then having one cooler might be more than enough for your family. 

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Research your campsite ahead of time

Doing a little research ahead of time can help you not only find the perfect campsite but help you learn a little more about your campsite. Many campsites won’t have good cell signal, so it’s important to look up this information ahead of time. Find out where the hiking trails are and even print out a map of the campsite ahead of time.

Plan out your meals ahead of time

Plan for every meal you will consume while at camp! This includes things like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. This way, you will have plenty of food with you for your trip! Take into account things like leftovers and what cooking options are available at your campsite. Not all campsites will have bathrooms and grilling stations, but many of them will. This can significantly impact your meal plan.

cook when you're camping

Camping doesn’t have to be a painful trip to plan! If you have these tips handy when you decide you’re ready for your first camping trip, you’ll be all set!


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