15 Thrifty Make Ahead Camping Meals

15 Thrifty Make Ahead Camping Meals

Make ahead meals are great at home, but they make camping easier too! Check out these thrifty make ahead camping meals!

Whether you’re looking to make breakfasts done for you, prepare some toppings ahead of time, or just have your food ready to go, you can’t go wrong with these make ahead camping meals!

They work great from snacks to desserts, and are a great camping meal when paired together! If you are looking for a way to save some money on camping meals, bringing your own food is one of the best ways to do that! Between the money you save and the ease of cooking, you can’t go wrong!

Here are 15 thrifty make ahead camping meals to help you save money and make cooking easier when you go camping.

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Campfire Pizza 

Learn how to grill pizza over a campfire for an easy and delicious meal.

S’mores Cupcakes 

Enjoy these s’mores cupcakes for a fun and easy treat while camping.

Taco in a Bag 

Enjoy a taco without messy cleanup with this easy recipe.


 Turkey Bacon Ranch Cucumber Sandwiches

A perfect and easy meal you can make while camping!

Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches 

These breakfast sandwiches can be kept in the fridge or cooler for an easy ready to-go meal!

Easy and Fresh Greek Salad 

A delicious salad that’s light enough for lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

Pizza Crackers DIY Lunchables 

This DIY Lunchable is perfect for kids or adults to enjoy while camping.

Tuna Salad with Eggs 

If you love tuna salad, this childhood favorite will be a hit with your family while camping.

Turkey & Cheese Pinwheel Bites 

These delicious pinwheels are easy and healthy, and a great bite-sized lunch idea.

Campfire Cookies

These campfire cookies are easy and delicious and a great way to get excited about camping.

Easy Camping Proof Breakfast Burritos 

Do all the prep work ahead of time and enjoy these delicious breakfast burritos.

Butternut Squash Muffin 

These healthy muffins are ready in just 30 minutes!

Blueberry Pancake Bites

A fast and easy breakfast your family will want seconds of while camping!

Chicken Salad with Grapes and Asian Pears

Easy to whip up and no cooking required makes this an easy and thrifty meal!

Curly Dogs

Rethink the way you make campfire dogs with this fast and easy hot dog recipe.


If you like these camping food tips, you’ll love these ideas, too!

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