Where to Find the Most Epic Campsites

Where to Find the Most Epic Campsites

Don’t just camp anywhere! Use these fantastic tips to figure out where to find the most epic campsites… and then have the most epic camping trip!

If you plan a camping trip, then one of the first things you will need to do is figure out where you’re camping. Anyone who has been camping can tell you that not all campsites are created equal.

If you’re trying out a new campground or looking for something really out of this world, this guide will help you find the most epic campsites in your area, or even in your country! Here is where to find the most epic campsites no matter where you’re looking.

where to find the most epic campsites

Do a Google search

The first way to find fantastic campsites is to do a quick Google search! Try typing in “the best campsites in ___ or best campsites with ___ view.” This will bring up a bunch of search results of the top reviewed campsites in your area!

You can find what other people are recommending and give you a good sense of some of the best campsites in your area.


Use an app or website

There are so many great camping apps or websites you can use to help you find great campsites. Whether you are tent camping or RV camping, you can find an app or website that will help you find the best campsite for your needs!

Here are some of the ones I recommend:

Visit a National or State Parks website

If you are camping in the United States, check out the National Parks website that is closest to you! They will have a ton of information about different campsites within that National Park so you can find something that will work for you!

You can also visit NPS.gov for more details about all the National Parks if you’re unsure which one will be the best fit for you.

Look up reviews from past campers

Reviews will give you a lot of insight into what camping at that specific campground will be like! You can search Google or Yelp to review campsites in your area to find one with the best reviews. From there, it comes down to doing your research. If someone had a great camping experience, they might share their campsite info or what they loved.

Lately, even TripAdvisor has become a great resource for camping sites!

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Check a travel bloggers website

The last place I recommend looking is your favorite travel blogger website! What makes these sites so much better than other camping websites is that you will get a more in-depth review of the campsite.

You’ll be able to see pictures and get a real family’s experience of what it’s like to stay there instead of an overview of the campground. If you’re not sure what blogger to follow, start by typing in the campsite you’re looking for. Most blogs have a resource page and if they have a blog article on that campsite, you can find it.

If you want the best possible camping experience for your family, it all starts with the campsite! I promise that if you follow these steps, you’ll find a genuinely breathtaking campsite and a perfect fit for your family.

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