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10 Camping Hacks for New Campers

10 Camping Hacks for New Campers

Are you new to camping? Don’t worry. Check out these awesome camping hacks for new campers and totally crush your first camping trip!

If you’ve never been camping before, then the very idea of spending a night in your tent might feel intimidating! If you are looking for a few helpful hacks to help make your experience better, I’ve got you covered! Here are ten camping hacks for new campers.

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camping hacks for new campers

1. Cast iron skillets are great cooking vessels for camping

If you have an open flame, you can use a cast-iron skillet to make everything from bacon to a fun dessert for your family! Since cast iron skillets are so easy to clean, this is the perfect cooking vessel for camping.

2. Bring A LOT of bug spray

Bugs are everywhere while you’re camping! Have lots of bug spray handy to get rid of pesky insects and mosquitos. If you go hiking, make sure you take some with you to reapply.

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bug spray

3. Save up your restaurant condiments for easy camping condiments

If you need condiments for burgers and hot dogs while you’re camping, save your restaurant ones! You can easily throw them out when you’re done, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them cold!

4. Add sage to your campfire 

This little trick will help you out big time when it gets dark, and bugs are harder to see. After you’ve put your fire starter together, add the sage.

fresh sage leaves

5. Do some meal planning before you go

Bringing too much food can be just as bad as not bringing enough when you’re camping! Do some meal planning, so you know what you need before you get to your campsite. This will also help you plan how you’ll pack your cooler as well.

cook when you're camping

6. Strap your headlight to a jug to make a DIY lantern

If you need to make a light on a budget, this is a great option! Camping lanterns are expensive, so this is a good alternative. You can use a milk jug or an old orange juice jug too.


7. Use old coffee mate containers for storing snacks

Airtight containers are necessary when you’re camping, and this is a great option! You can also fit it in the drink holder of a backpack for easy to access snacks!

8. Use a muffin tin to serve condiments

If you are bringing larger condiment containers, use a muffin tin to serve them! This way, you don’t have to worry about them getting warm while you’re eating.


9. Store your shoes outside of the tent to avoid tracking dirt into the tent

Keeping your tent clean is a must while you’re camping! This little trick will avoid dirt and bugs getting into your tent! This is where you’ll be sleeping, so make sure you do this from the start!

camping equipment that goes beyond the basics

10. There are so many ways you can make a FIRE-STARTER

Fire-starters can be made with anything from charcoal to old balls of lint! Look up some DIY fire starters, and I bet you’ll find at least three recipes using items you already have at home!

No matter when your first camping trip is, these hacks will make a huge difference and even make you want to go camping more often!

how to start a campfire

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