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15 Kid-Friendly Gaming Gifts Your Young Gamer Will Love

15 Kid-Friendly Gaming Gifts Your Young Gamer Will Love

These kid friendly gaming gifts will be a big hit for your kids if they are a gamer or love video or online games!

Do you have a young gamer at home? If you have ever looked for gaming gifts, you’ve probably noticed it can be difficult to find kid-friendly ideas. Most gaming equipment and accessories are geared toward adults, making it hard to find items your kid might like. But you can be sure your young gamer would love to receive any of these 15 kid-friendly gaming gifts.

kid friendly gaming gifts

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at a screen while gaming can cause lots of problems for your kids, from eye strain to headaches. Help them stay save while they play their favorite games with a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Gaming Headset

A gaming headset is a great way for your kids to talk to their friends while they play. This kid-friendly headset features extra padding around the ears and an easy-to-use volume control on the cord. And since it’s compatible with any gaming system, you can be sure it will work for your kid’s gaming setup.

Gaming T-Shirt

Every kid gamer needs a funny gaming t-shirt to wear as they play. This cool shirt features the phrase “can’t hear you I’m gaming” on the front to let everyone know that they’re ready to play.

Charging Backpack

Make sure your kid’s device is always charged up and ready for play with the help of a charging backpack. This cool glowing back pack features a USB charging port in the side to charge their device while they’re carrying it in the bag.

Gamer Pillow

Add some décor and comfort to your kid’s room with a retro gaming pillow. This fun throw pillow is a great way to decorate your kid’s bed with a little bit of gamer style.

Gaming Socks

With the help of these fun gaming socks, your kid can easily let everyone know they’re busy gaming and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Charging Headphone Stand

Keep all your kid’s gaming supplies stored on one handy place with the help of this charging headphone stand. The USB ports on the front allow them to charge their devices and keep their headphones safe and secure at the same time.

The Comic Book Story of Video Games

Knowing the history of the games they play can be fun for kids who love gaming. With the help of the Comic Book Story of Video Games, your kids can learn everything they want to know about the history gaming, all in a cool graphic novel style book.

Funny Gaming Shirt

Your kid is going to have to turn off their game and go outside at some point. Let them show everyone the sacrifice they had to make with this funny gaming shirt that reads, “I paused my game to be here.”

Game Boy Throw Blanket

With this cool Game Boy throw blanket, your kid can show off their love of gaming while keeping warm at the same time. The fleece blanket features an image of a Game Boy on the front, making it a great gift idea for any gamer.

Retro Gaming System

Show your young gamer the games you grew up playing with the help of this retro gaming system. This retro Nintendo system comes with more than 600 preloaded classic video games, making it a great way to share your childhood memories with your kids.

Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming system for kids, which means these Switch accessories are sure to come in handy. Featuring a protective carrying case, charging doc, joystick caps, screen protector, and stirring wheel, this big set of accessories has everything your gamer needs to protect and play with their favorite gaming device.

Controller Skins

Controller skins a great way for your kid to personalize their gaming controllers. With these Marvel PS4 skins, your kid can show of their love of comics while playing their favorite games.

Gaming Chair

Featuring four forward-facing speakers and subwoofers, this awesome gaming chair will provide your kid with an immersive experience every time they play. The chair comes with volume controls on the side for easy access and folds up for easy storage.

Light Up Gaming Keyboard

If your child loves playing computer games, having a great gaming keyboard is essential. This light-up keyboard is a great choice for gaming. And it works for most consoles – not just a computer, making it the perfect choice for your favorite young gamer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.