15 Space Themed Gifts for Your Little Astronaut

15 Space Themed Gifts for Your Little Astronaut

These space themed gifts for your little astonaut are the perfect ideas for helping them blast off to adventure!

If you have kid that loves space, finding toys and activities that encourage their curiosity is essential. From toys that help your kids practice their STEM skills to books that teach them more about space, there are a variety of great ways to get your kids excited about learning.

As the holidays approach, add these 15 space-themed gifts to your shopping list to encourage your little astronaut to learn more about outer space as they play.

Space Themed Gifts

Space Themed Gifts For Kids

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LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle

LEGOs are a great way for your kids to learn as they play. And this Mars shuttle LEGO set will provide your budding astronaut with hours of fun. The set includes two astronaut minifigures, along with all the bricks they’ll need to build a research shuttle, Mars rover, heli-drone, and storage drone.

Moon in My Room

Bring the moon into your child’s bedroom with this fun toy. Moon in My Room projects the moon onto a wall, allowing your kid to learn all about lunar phases with the push of a button. The included remote control gives your child total control over the projection, giving them a chance to control the phases of the moon all on their own.

Plush Saturn Rocket

Plush toys are a great way to introduce new things to younger children. Get your toddler or preschooler excited about space with the help of a plush Saturn rocket this Christmas.

Foldable Rocket Tent

With this cute foldable rocket tent, your kids can image they’re flying into outer space right in your living room. And when they’re not playing with it, you can easily fold the tent up and store it away.

Play Telescope

This fun play telescope isn’t just for imaginative play! With this educational toy, your child can project images of planets and spaceships on the wall. Or they can look through the telescope to view the night sky with 2X magnification.


With this NASA polo shirt, your kids can dress like real astronauts. Featuring the official NASA logo, this cool shirt makes a great gift idea for any budding astronaut.

The Ultimate Space Book

With this helpful book aimed at elementary aged children, your kids can learn all about rocket ships, astronauts, and space. The Ultimate Book of Space features more than 40 interactive flaps and tabs to keep your child engaged as they read.

NASA Backpack

Let your little astronaut show off their love of space every time they go to school with a new NASA backpack. This backpack features the official NASA logo, along with shuttle patches, and comes with a matching lunchbox and pencil case.

Glowing 3D Solar System

Give your space lover a chance to view outer space right in their bedroom with this cool 3D solar system. The set comes with more than 200 glow in the dark planets and stars to hang from the ceiling, along with planetary facts to help your child learn more about the solar system.

Outer Space Magnetic Play Scene

Using magnets, your child can decorate a scene in outer space thanks to this fun magnetic play set. The set includes an easel style box with two different scenes and more than 50 magnet play pieces.

NASA Astronaut Helmet

With their very own NASA astronaut helmet, your budding space traveler can pretend to fly into outer space any time they want. The helmet includes realistic decals on the outside and a movable tinted visor.

Solar System Planetarium Model

Give your older child a chance to build their own replica of the solar system with this educational kit. This solar system planetarium model comes with planets, rods, string, glow in the dark paint, and stencils so they can create their own model of the solar system right at home.

Build and Control Space Rover

With this build and control space rover, your child can make their very own space rover. And after they put the rover together, let them use the app to go through more than 30 NASA inspired astronaut trainings and missions with their rover.


Space 3D Viewer

While your child is waiting for their chance to see space in real life, let them get a glimpse of outer space with the own 3d viewer. This fun toy comes with 21 different colorful 3D photos of space for them to check out.

Retro NASA Shirt

A NASA shirt is a must for any aspiring astronaut. And this cool retro NASA shirt is sure to be a favorite of any kid who loves outer space.

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