How to Pack Toiletries Without Making a Mess

How to Pack Toiletries Without Making a Mess

Packing an extra pair of underwear won’t save you if your shampoo leaks! Learn how to pack toiletries without making a mess!

We have all been here before. It’s late, and after a long day of traveling, all you want to do is lay down in your hotel bed and go to sleep. You unpack your bag to get to your pajamas to find that your conditioner has leaked all over the bag. No matter how much you travel, this happens to everyone! If you’re tired of the messes, here are my tips and tricks to avoid the mess and pack your toiletries without making a mess.

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Pack Toiletries Without Making a Mess

Keep your toiletries in a real travel bag or container

The first step you want to take is to keep your toiletries away from the rest of your items. Having a travel toiletry bag or container can help contain some of the mess if something should spill. This way, you only have to worry about wiping down a few bottles in the bag than your entire suitcase. Make sure you get one large enough to hold all of your items, and one that won’t leak through the zipper.

Avoid liquids when you can

You won’t always be able to avoid liquids while traveling, but ask yourself what you need to bring. Most hotels have soap, conditioner, and shampoo, and some will even have other items like makeup remover wipes. If you can avoid liquids while traveling, do it! You can look into soap and shampoo bars or sprays to prevent some of the liquids in your container.

Look for two in one items

Two in one items don’t magically stop the leaks. What it does is limit the number of things that can leak! Look for items that will serve more than one purpose and don’t bring items you don’t need. You can always find a man’s product with shampoo, soap, and conditioner all in one, but women can still find two in one shampoo and conditioner combos!

Repackage items into leakproof containers

If you’re worried about items leaking, moving them to a leakproof container is the next step before they go into your toiletry bag. What do I mean by leakproof? I’m talking about travel bottles with a tight seal that won’t spill if you were to chuck it across the room. Putting bars of soap into a soap dish container or your razor and shaving cream in a zip-up container can further condense those items.

Lastly, don’t bring more than you need

Bringing more items than you need and bringing too many things can increase your chance of having items make a mess. Shoving too many items into a Ziploc bag will cause the zipper to break, and all those items you put in there will leak everywhere. Instead, try and bring on what you need! Some items might not be worth the risk, so try and go without a few days if you can.

Say goodbye to stained clothes and empty bottles while traveling! These tips will help prevent the majority of your toiletry spills so you can keep those items ready to use when you travel.

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