12 Cool Craft Kits That Your Kids are Sure to Love

12 Cool Craft Kits That Your Kids are Sure to Love

These cool craft kits are really fun for kids and would be a great gift for any occasion!

Finding activities to keep your kids entertained is an ongoing battle. And while you could come up with craft ideas for your kids to make all on your own – why add that extra work to your to-do list?

Craft kits are a great way to help your kids get creative without any effort from you. And with the help of these 12 cool craft kits for kids, your little ones will be having a blast making fun crafts without the need for you to hunt down craft supplies or look for craft projects on Pinterest. How great is that?

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Rock Painting Kit

Rock painting is a great way for your kids to get creative and have a little fun. And with this rock painting kit, they’ll have everything they need to create their own unique rock designs. The kit comes with 10 white river rocks, six paint colors, metallic paint, glitter glue, stickers, googly eyes, and gems, making it a great kit for any kid who loves to decorate rocks.


Sun Catcher Kit

Making sun catchers and window art is another popular activity for kids. This great sun catcher kit comes with supplies to create 20 different suncatchers, including 12 plastic shapes to color and additional custom transfers to make your own window art at home.


Weaving Loom

Weaving is a great way for your kids to practice their fine motor skills while creating something practical and useful. With this fun weaving loom, your kids can weave their own potholders. The weaving loom set comes with a weaving loom, crochet hook, and 250 fabric loops so they can make a variety of fun potholder designs.


DIY Dinosaurs

Any dinosaur lover would have a blast creating their own dinosaur figurines! With this fun DIY dinosaur craft kit, your kids can paint and decorate their own dinosaurs. The kit comes with 10 different white dinosaurs ready for your kids to decorate all on their own. With six paint brushes, two sets of paints, and mixing pads, this craft kit is designed for multiple kids to use at once, making it great for siblings or friends to do together.


Bouncy Ball Kit

Kids love playing with bouncy balls! And with this fun bouncy ball kit, they can have even more fun making their own balls to play with! In addition to being a great craft, this cool kit is also a simple science experiment! This big craft kit comes with ingredients and supplies to make up to 43 different bouncy balls, which means it’s perfect for keeping your kids entertained for a long time.


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Unicorn Craft Kit

Do you have a unicorn fan at home? They’ll love making all the crafts in this cool unicorn craft kit. The kit includes supplies for making five different unicorn themed crafts, including a headband, stuffie, necklace, rainbow garland, and unicorn tail.


Little Monsters Craft Kit

Sewing is a great skill for your kids to master. With the help of this little monster craft kit, your kids can learn to sew and make their own cute stuffed monsters at the same time. This cute kit comes with more than 100 sewing supplies, including pre-cut monster shapes, embroidery floss, stuffing, needles, needle threaders, scissors, and pins.


Wooden Spaceship

With more this fun space-themed craft kit, your kids will have a blast making a variety of cool cosmic crafts. The kit comes with supplies for making three different wooden space crafts, including a spaceship, rocket, and UFO.


Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Part craft kit, part fairy garden, this cute kit is a fun way to get creative with your kids. This fairy garden kit comes with everything your kid will need to build their very own fairy garden at home. In addition to the garden dish, the kit comes with fairy figures, a unicorn, garden stones, paint, glitter, LED string lights, and wheatgrass seed.


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Crystal Growing Kit

With this science-themed craft kit, your kids can get creative and learn something at the same time! This crystal growing kit gives your kids a chance to do seven different crystal growing experiments and create a cool crystal to display in their room when they’re finished.


Bath Bomb Kit

If your kid is a fan of bath bombs, why not let them learn to make their own? This fun bath bomb kit is a great way for your kids to get creative and have a little fun, while also learning something, too. And they’ll have a blast using them in the bath!


Mini Bake Shop

Your kids will love making their own bakery creations using air dry clay with this fun craft kit. The mini bake shop kit comes with a 48-page book with detailed instructions for 12 different clay treats, along with clay, decorations, cake and pie forms, a clay roller, and a cake stand to display their creations.


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