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20 STEM Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

20 STEM Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

If you are looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, check out these STEM Valentine’s Day Activities for kids!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if your kids are anything like mine, then they are looking forward to the sweet Valentine’s and the influx of candy that will fill our home.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate a little bit of learning in the midst of all the candy and Valentine’s fun, you can incorporate these STEM activities for kids! They are all Valentine’s-themed, and they’re so fun, your kids won’t know they’re learning! STEM is so important for young kids, and I’m always on the lookout for any way I can incorporate them into my home!

STEM Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

1. Valentine’s Day Oobleck

Don’t know what Oobleck is? I didn’t either.. but it’s pretty cool and this post has a great science experiment you can do with it!

2. Heart Rate Investigation

Wow. This is such a cool STEM activity for Valentine’s Day. Why not measure a real heart rate for a real heart, right?

3. Light-Up Circuit Valentine’s

This activity gives the song, ‘You Light Up My Life’ a completely new meaning! Do you having a budding electrical engineer? Check this activity out!

4. Fizzy Hearts

Seriously. Anything that ends up with a messy mess will go over super well with your kids. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz… equals fun!

5. Homemade Bouncy Ball

Use the ingredients for slime to make an actual Valentine’s Day themed bouncy ball. Awesome!

6. Floating Ice Hearts

This is a super cool ice and oil density experiment that is heart themed. 

7. Valentine’s Day Polygon Shapes Building Activity

Mix it up with some Valentine’s Day themed math fun!

8. LEGO Heart Engineers

Create hearts out of LEGO pieces!

9. Enchanted Rose Slime

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day slime. And this one is gorgeously themed off of Beauty and the Beast!

10. Flying Cupids

How about some static electricity experiments with your Valentine’s Day festivities?

11. Peeps Catapult

This is such an awesome idea. Flinging heart Peeps. Ha!

12. Design a Love Bug

Part craft. Part engineering. Totally fun!

13. Valentine’s Day Coding Activity

Do you have a budding computer programmer in your house? They will love this activity!

14. Valentine’s Bubble Science

How can you argue with bubbles? I love the Valentine’s Day twist on this activity!

15. Dissolving Skittles

There are so many variations on this fun science experiment. This is a heart-themed one.

16. Sprinkle Math Activity

A great fine motor activity and a great way to practice math skills. 

17. Heart Candy Structures

For any young engineer whom you love. Making heart structures out of candy!

18. Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Who says math has to be tedious. Get your kids excited for math with these Valentine’s Day math activities.

19. Building Structures with Paper Hearts

This is a really cool and surprisingly simple STEM heart activity!

20. Valentine’s Thaumatropes

I didn’t know what a Thaumatrope was until I checked out this post.. now I want to do this activity with my daughter as soon as possible!

Interested in Valentine’s Day Crafts too? Check these out!

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