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6 Easy Ways to Take the Focus off Gifts This Christmas

6 Easy Ways to Take the Focus off Gifts This Christmas

Your kids don’t need tons of gifts but if you are afraid they might miss them, here are some easy ways to take the focus off gifts this Christmas!

The holiday season has become so commercial, it can be easy to forget what Christmas is all about – especially if you have kids at home. One simple way to make sure your kids appreciate the true meaning of Christmas this year is by helping them take the focus off gifts during the holiday season. But sometimes, that can be easier said than done! With these six easy tips, you’ll be well on your way to making Christmas special for your family without focusing on gifts.

take the focus off gifts this Christmas

Start New Traditions

Instead of putting a focus on the gifts you’ll give and get this year, why not make some memories instead? One of the best ways to make your holidays memorable for your family is to start some fun new Christmas traditions. Traditions can make the Christmas season special by providing your family with fun activities to fill their time, instead of physical gifts. But the best part about this idea is that it can be so easy to do!

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Starting new traditions may sound like a big task, but you really don’t have to put much work into making holiday memories with your family. There are a variety of fun activities you can turn into traditions during the holiday season that are simple and fun for everyone in the family. This year, you could:

take the focus off gifts this Christmas

Implement a Five Gift Rule

Make your kids really think about the gifts they want to receive this Christmas season by implementing a five-gift rule. Tell your kids they will only receive five gifts this Christmas: something they want, something they need, something to do (an experience), something to wear, and something to read.

This simple rule will help your kids understand that they can’t always receive everything the want during the holiday season. And it will force them to think critically about the three items they choose to put on their Christmas list this year.

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take the focus off gifts this Christmas

Give Your Time

While you may not want your kids focusing on receiving gifts, there’s no reason you can’t put a new focus on giving during the holiday season. Encouraging your family to donate their time during the Christmas season is a great way to give back to the community and help your kids focus on something other than presents.

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And the best part about getting involved in your community during the holiday season is that there are so many great ways to give back as a family! Consider the things that are important to your family and your values, then find a charity or organization to support. During the Christmas season, your family could:

  • Collect food to donate to the local food pantry
  • Volunteer at your local soup kitchen
  • Help serve food at a community Christmas dinner
  • Purchase gifts or clothes for kids in need

take the focus off gifts this Christmas

Make Your Gifts

Instead of focusing on the commercial aspect of the holiday season by heading to the store to purchase all your Christmas presents, why not personalize your gift-giving with homemade gifts? Let your kids know that all the gifts they give and receive will be handmade, allowing everyone in the family to put time and thought into each gift they give out.

In addition to giving your kids a chance to get a little creative with their gift-giving, this fun activity will also allow your entire family to take a break from the stresses of holiday shopping and enjoy some time together during the Christmas season.

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take the focus off gifts this Christmas

Consider Experiences

Not all gifts have to physical presents, like toys and games. A great option for holiday gift-giving is experience gifts instead. Experience gifts provide your kids with a fun activity in place of a new toy, allowing them to create memories instead of adding clutter to your home. Come up with fun activities you know your kids will love to make their experience gifts special for each child. There are so many great experience gift ideas you could give your kids this holiday season, like:

  • A family trip
  • Movie tickets
  • Admission to their favorite camp
  • Theme park tickets
  • Baking classes

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Get Extended Family Involved

No matter how hard you try to take the focus off gifts during the holiday season at home, your hard work will go to waste if the rest of your extended family isn’t on board. Make sure your child’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles all know that you’re hoping to reduce the number of gifts your kids receive this holiday season.

While it’s perfectly acceptable for extended family members to purchase gifts for your kids, make sure to provide them with some limits as to the number of presents you deem appropriate. With everyone in the family on board, you can make the holiday season special for your kids without going overboard on gifts this year.

kids can help decorate for christmas

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