15 Moon Rock Activities for Kids

15 Moon Rock Activities for Kids

These amazing and super space-y Moon Rock Activities For Kids will totally energize your kid to learn more about space!

It’s been more than 50 years since the first man took a step on the moon, but that doesn’t make this planet any less exciting! If you are looking for some fun science activities to do with your kids, these moon rock activities won’t disappoint!

This is a great way to teach your kids about moon rocks without actually visiting the moon! This fun, the hands-on activity can be a great space lesson activity or a fun way to let your kids play with moon rocks. Here are 15 moon rock activities for kids that are really out of this world.

moon rock activities for kids



1. Fizzing Moon Rocks Activity

Fizzy science projects are so cool. I love these moon rocks!

2. Make Easy Galaxy Painted Rocks

Have you ever done a rock painting project? These rocks are amazing!

3. How To Make Moon Rocks Activity

This smashing moon rocks activity is great for fine motor skills!

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4. Moon Crater Gross Motor Activity

Do you think your kids can hit the moon with the ball?

5. Smashing ABC Moon Rocks

Another fun moon rock smashing activity.

6. Space Rocks for Your Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are great for exploration and this Space-themed one is out of this world!

7. DIY Moon Rocks

These DIY moon rocks sparkle!

8. Space Rock Bun

A delicious space activity your kids can eat! 



9. Moon Rock Science Experiment

Why not enjoy learning about space through a fun science experment?

10. Moon Dough Space Rocks

Moon themed play dough for you space lover.

11. Edible Moon Rocks 

Another fun edible moon activity your kids will adore.

12. Moon Crater Science Experiment

A fun and simple science experiment to make moon craters. 

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13. Making Moon Craters With Moon Dough

Let kids explore the moon’s surface with this fun moon dough activity.

14. Making Moon Craters

This is a fantastic sensory activity for younger kids in particular.

15. Erupting Moon Rocks

It’s really cool how these moon rocks really do erupt. 



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