Easy Ways to Make Summer at Home Fun for Kids

Easy Ways to Make Summer at Home Fun for Kids

Check out these fantastically easy ways to make summer at home fun for kids! Your summer will be one they never forget!

Staying home all summer really isn’t anyone’s idea of a good summer. But, sometimes, for one reason or another it just has to be done. But, that doesn’t mean that your kids can’t have a great time at home. Here are a few ways to make summer exciting at home for kids.

easy ways to make summer at home fun for kids

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Cook Together

Get the kids involved with the cooking process! Let them decide what dinner will be one day a week, but, inform them that they have to help cook it. Then on their dinner day get them to help you.

They’re never too young to help out in the kitchen, though the quality of that help will vary depending on their age. You can also spend this time baking with them. Learn the art of baking bread together or even the occasional batch of cookies. 

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mom cooking with girl

Frozen Treats

Frozen treats are not only a great way to keep cool over the summer they’re also a fantastic activity that the kids can take part in. You can make your own shaved ice, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or even a healthy fruity popsicle. 

best ice cream in maryland

Make Time for Art

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, from fingerpaints and coloring books to making comic books or even creating video games. Whatever your child’s interests are there is always time for art. So work out with them some art projects they would like to get done then schedule some time for them to work on them. If it isn’t scheduled it’s unlikely to happen.

Here Are Some Fantastic Craft Ideas For Summer:

kid friendly drop in art places in Maryland

Summer Camp At Home

Just because you can’t go to a day camp or overnight camp doesn’t mean summer camp is completely off the cards! In fact, there are dozens of amazing ideas for fun, themed DIY summer camp at home. 

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Sidewalk Chalk

If you’ve got a patio or a bit of driveway you can spare for your kids they will love you for it. Sidewalk chalk has been a kid’s favorite for generations. Their imaginations will run wild and there are a ton of fantastic games they can create like hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe, or even 4 Square like they would have played at school.


sidewalk chalk

Play games with friends and FAMILY

While you and your kids are at home this summer it doesn’t you can’t be in touch with family and friends. In this new digital age video calls are a fantastic way to check in with the Grandparents. You can also play games and have playdates (virtual or in person) with kids in your neighborhood or literally all over the world. 

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outdoor games for kids

Sharpie Tie Dye

Tie dye with sharpie pens are one of those childhood bucket list items that every kid should experience at least once in their life. Slide a piece of cardboard inside a white shirt and let your kids draw on that shirt with the Sharpies. Once they have their pattern done add some rubbing alcohol and watch the colors bleed into a fun personalized pattern. 

Water Games

Finally, there are water games. Squirt guns, water balloons, inflatable pools, even just a regular old garden hose can bring hours of fun while also helping your kids keep cool. Keep an eye on the weather report and have some of the tools and toys on hand so when you have a really hot day you can break them out for your kids to enjoy.


plan your own backyard olympics

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