The Perfect Retro Gaming Gift Guide

The Perfect Retro Gaming Gift Guide

Wow your family with some fantastic ideas for retro gaming gifts! These gift ideas are really fun and perfect for any family!

In recent years, retro gaming as a hobby and passion has increased dramatically in popularity. Many adults are rekindling their love of the video games of their childhood and introducing those games to a new generation. 

The market has been more than willing to accommodate this rapid development of interest in retro gaming, providing all sorts of new merchandise for lovers of gaming past. 

Following are some of the best gifts for fans of retro gaming, from pieces for collectors and for younger kids getting interested, this guide has everything you need.

retro gaming gift guide

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Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis Mini is your one stop shop for reliving all the classic Sega games from the legendary Genesis system. With over 40 games, there is something for every gamer on this wonderful console.


From Sonic The Hedgehog to Street Fighter 2 and other legendary titles, this mini console is packed to the brim with explosive action.

With two controllers, this console is perfect for co-op and versus play that is sure to be fun for the whole family.  Additionally, all of the games are built-in to the system, so you never have to worry about losing or maintaining cartridges. 

The Sega Genesis Mini is the perfect gift for fans of the legendary console, and is sure to be a blast for all.

Atari Flashback Consoles

If you grew up in the 80’s this is BEST GIFT EVER! It includes 120 games built-in, including Atari 2600 greatest hits. There are two versions. The 9 Gold Version has loads of games. 


This Portable Version also includes favorite 80’s games like Pac-Man!


Retro NES Throw Blanket




Sometimes there is nothing better than a soft blanket and your favorite retro video game console, but what if you could have both in one? This wonderfully comfortable blanket is perfect for late night gaming sessions.

It also makes a great decoration or even wall tapestry to use to decorate a bedroom or game room.  The blanket is big enough to make yourself really comfortable, and so soft it will quickly become your go to blanket.

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LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Castle Set



Since acquiring the license for Super Mario, the LEGO company has released a slew of sets featuring everyone’s favorite plumber. However, few sets compare to the size and detail of the Bowser’s Castle Set.

With over one thousand pieces, this set is huge and is sure to make a great addition for any LEGO Mario Collection. It is completely compatible with the other sets in the line as well, serving to expand them.

This set will be a blast for kids to build and play with, and an amazing collector piece for any adult Super Mario fan. 

Handheld Game Console, Retro Mini Game Player


For anyone who loves old classic Nintendo games on the go this is a good solution. It has over 400 classics including Super Mario Bros, Contra, Legend of Kage and more. Such a fun and portable retro gaming option!

Gift Cards & Certificates

Retro game collectors can sometimes be difficult to shop for, so consider getting them a gift certificate to a local retro gaming store. There are many stores that deal in retro games and collectibles, and offer a slew of products you cannot find anywhere else.

You can also buy cards for online game stores that sell retro games, such as the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and the Nintendo Switch Store. All of the modern consoles have selections of vintage and retro games!

This eliminates the need to find out what they are in need or want of, and gift cards make perfect stocking stuffers, and are also easy to ship. For the retro collector in your life, consider a card to help them level up their collection.

Super Mario Drink Coasters



Protecting your surfaces from water and condensation is important, so why not do it with style? These drink coasters based on Super Mario are perfect for any fan. They make great coasters for coffee tables in the game room, as well as at the kitchen table,

Every gaming session needs hydration, so why not protect your surfaces in a fun way? These coasters make excellent gifts and are sure to be admired.

Legend of Zelda Figma Action Figure



For Fans of the beloved Legend of Zelda franchise, this figure depicting the main hero. Link, is sure to be a hit. With all sorts of articulation, and crazy detail, this figure makes the perfect piece for any collection.

This five inch scale figure comes with a slew of accessories, including weapons, interchangeable parts, and a stand! This figure is sure to brighten up and improve any shelf space, and the possibilities of possibility are endless!

While retro gaming remains somewhat of a niche hobby, its popularity and mainstream success continues to grow. There is a lot of merchandise for fans of retro gaming that make perfect gifts. 

Adults will love rekindling their old experiences, and kids will enjoy this new world of classic gaming. Whether young or old, the items on this list make great gifts for gamers, and are sure to be treasured for a long time.

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