The Best Baby Yoda Toys (Fun Gift Guide!)

The Best Baby Yoda Toys (Fun Gift Guide!)

These are the best Baby Yoda toys. This is such a fun gift guide based on the hit show Mandalorian.

Appearing in the first episode of the hit Disney+ exclusive show The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has quickly become a pop culture icon. The adorable baby, referred to as The Child on the show, has taken the world by storm.

Fans everywhere just cannot get enough of Baby Yoda, and toy companies are happy to oblige. With so many different baby yoda toys hitting store shelves, there are so many options to choose from!

Following are some of the best new Baby Yoda toys for any fan of the beloved character from The Mandalorian!

baby yoda toys

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Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy

This Baby Yoda toy is the perfect mediator between playable toy and adorable plushie. This Baby Yoda plush toy makes noises when squeezed, and even comes with accessories!

This toy includes a bowl and frog for Baby Yoda to interact with and be posed with. Kids will have a blast taking this plushie on their Star Wars themed adventures, and adults will love how adorable and realistic the toy is.


Star Wars Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Chia Pets are fun little pottery planters that make great decorations. This Chia Pet, depicting The Child in his floating carriage, allows you to grow luscious chia around the carriage!

This Chia Pet is a fun and productive hobby that also looks great on display. The package also includes enough chia seeds for 3 plantings right out of the box. Fans of all ages will love the experience of growing their own Chia on this wonderful Baby Yoda sculpture.

The Star Wars Baby Yoda Chia Pet is the perfect activity and decoration for the Baby Yoda fan in your life.


Monopoly Star Wars The Child Edition

There are an incredible amount of variations of Monopoly, but only one featuring The Child. Players will use one of the four Baby Yoda game pieces and travel around the board, collecting money and purchasing items.

This game is better suited to younger kids as there are less spaces on the board, and the game lacks the mainstay Monopoly concepts such as railroads.

This variation of the beloved board game is packed to the brim with wonderful Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian artwork. This game is perfect for younger kids or even for your next family game night.


Lego Star Wars The Child Buildable Set

For fans of the LEGO series of building blocks, this set featuring The Child is sure to be a blast to build and play with. With over one thousand pieces this set is a satisfying build.

As a bonus, this set also includes a display name plate as well as a minifigure of The Child for use with other LEGO minifigures.

Kids and adults alike will have a blast putting together this awesome Baby Yoda set, and the included accessories only sweeten the deal.


Mattel Star Wars The Child 11 Inch Plush Toy

This plushie of The Child is more focused on realism at a great price, while still staying true to a plushie. It does not include electronics or accessories, but is a cheaper and larger toy.

This plushie is great if you do not want to worry about electronics getting in the way of a cuddly toy, or if you child wants a larger, more accurate toy of The Child. The realistic details of this Baby Yoda plushie make it the perfect companion for Star Wars adventures and other role play toys from The Mandalorian.


Star Wars The Child 6.5” Action Figure

This chunky action figure is great for kids who prefer plastic to plushie. This durable toy is made to stand up to play, and its chunky and larger design makes it perfect for younger kids.

It is also a great shelf piece for adult fans of The Child as it is easy to stand and guaranteed to last. This Baby Yoda figure is a surefire toy for any fan of Baby Yoda, young and old.


With so many Baby Yoda toys hitting the market, it can almost seem overwhelming how many options you have. Toy companies were smart to include a large variety of different toys to suit any fan of The Child.

While the popularity of Baby Yoda has exploded, and will likely continue to skyrocket in popularity with the new season of The Mandalorian, fans can look forward to the current offering of Baby Yoda toys.

With the toys on this list, you are sure to find the perfect Baby Yoda toy for any fan, of any age, including yourself!

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