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The Best Water Balloon Activities For Summer!

The Best Water Balloon Activities For Summer!

Water balloons are classic summer fun, but there’s more to do than just throw them at each other! Check out these water balloon activities!

We might not live as far south as some, but in Maryland, things still get pretty hot during the summer months! If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity to do with your kids, all you need to get started are some water balloons! Water balloons aren’t just for throwing, but you can use them to make so many fun interactive activities that challenge your kids to think outside the box. So if you’re looking for a use for all those leftover party balloons, consider giving one of these activities a try! Here are the best water balloon activities for kids.

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1. Water Balloon Yoyos

Let your kids play with these fun and creative yoyos outside this summer.

2. 3 Fun Water Balloon Activities for Kids 

Use water balloons to make these three unique water activities for kids.

3. Water Balloon Pinata

These pinatas are perfect for those very hot summer days when your kids need to cool off. 

4. DIY Toy Water Balloon Parachute STEAM Activity 

Your kids will love this fun parachute activity that also encourages STEAM learning too.

5. Water Balloon Number Match & Blast

Practice math and beat the heat with this fun water balloon number game.


6. DIY Water Balloon Flip Flops Craft 

Use water balloons to craft these fun and adorable flip flops.

7. Water Balloon Letters & Shapes Play

Practice letters and shapes with the help of this water balloon play idea.

8. Water Balloon Games for Kids

Got extra water balloons? Try out one of these water balloon games.

9. Shaving Cream Balloons 

These balloons are a fun and messy play idea your kids will love.

10. Water Balloon Name Game 

This name game is a great water balloon activity to play with your toddlers.

11. Water Balloon Game

Use this math game to take your learning outside in this fun water balloon game.

12. Chalk Bombs: Water Balloon Fun

Fill water balloons with chalk for a fun outdoor activity.

13. Balloon Painting for Kids

Use balloons to try out this fun painting activity!

14. Water Balloon Games 

These water balloon games will keep your kids entertained all summer long.

15. Water Balloon Sensory Play 

Use water balloons to make a fun sensory play idea for your kids.


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