The Most Ferocious Dinosaur Books and Movies For Kids

The Most Ferocious Dinosaur Books and Movies For Kids

These Dinosaur books and movies are so ferocious your kids will roar!

It’s dinosaur week in our DIY Stay At Home Summer Camp! If your kids love dinosaurs, then chances are you have had your fair share of dinosaur books and movies.

My daughter loves dinosaurs and everything to do with them, so I thought it would be perfect to make an entire week of our summer camp all about dinosaurs! If you are looking for some books to read to your kids about dinosaurs, or movies to watch with them, this list is going to be a lifesaver! Here are the best dinosaur books and movies to watch with your kids during dinosaur week.

dinosaur books and movies for kids

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Dinosaur Movies:

1. The Good Dinosaur

Can Arlo the Apatosaurus make it home?


2. Jurassic World

What happens when the dinosaurs turn on the humans? (probably best for older kids)


3. Ice Age 3

When the Ice Age gang goes beneath the ice, they discover dinosaurs!


4. Walking with Dinosaurs

Will Patchi be able to rise to the occasion and lead the herd?


5. The Land Before Time

Four young dinosaurs become separate from their parents and band together to find their way home.


6. Dinosaur Train: What’s At The Center Of The EArth?

A movie based on the Pteranodon Family and their adventures. 


7. Dinosaur

What happens when Aladar, the Iguanadon, is separated from his family and raised by a family of lemurs?


8. We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

A time traveling scientist goes back to prehistoric times to feed dinosaurs magic pills.




Dinosaur Books:

1. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

A great resource for any kid learning about dinosaurs!


2. Dinosaurs Before Dark

The Magic Tree House is such a great series for early readers!


3. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

This is one of our favorite children’s books of all times. These dinosaurs sure don’t want to go to bed!


4. Tea Rex

What happens when you invite a dinosaur to a tea party?


5. Danny and the Dinosaur

This is a fun and easy to read story for early readers!


6. When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

This little boy got a free dinosaur… what will he do with it?


7. My Big Dinosaur Book

Pictures of all the dinosaurs!


8. Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?

A great Dr. Seuss book about dinosaurs.


9. Dinosaur Roar!

A great board book for younger kids.

10. Dinosaur Dig

A dinosaur driving construction vehicles. You can’t get any more fun than that!


More Fun Dinosaur ideas for kids!

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