Catch The Aloha Spirit With These Fun Hawaiian Crafts and Activities For Kids

Catch The Aloha Spirit With These Fun Hawaiian Crafts and Activities For Kids

You will be sure to catch the Aloha spirit with these super fun Hawaiian crafts and activities for kids! Mahalo!

Summer is finally here, and I’m already daydreaming of days spent on sandy beaches and sunsets over the ocean. While we might not be able to zip off to Hawaii anytime soon, you can do so many crafts that will make you feel like you are back on the tropical island of Hawaii!

Whether you are trying to plan your own fun luau or you just need something tropical to make, these Hawaii crafts are perfect! Here are some of the best Hawaiian crafts that anyone can make! You don’t even have to know anything about Hawaii to make these!

Hawaiian Crafts for Kids

1. Aloha Sign

This is a really festive Aloha sign!

2. Coral and Shell Resin Bangles

Nothing says Hawaii like coral and sea shells.

3. Hawaiian Yarn Lei

This is strikingly pretty.. a great craft for older kids.

4. Pool Noodle Cactus

Yeah, I didn’t think Cactus screamed Hawaii either.. but when you pair it with a few flamingos it totally works!

5. Pineapple Necklace

Dreaming of Dole Whip. Hmmmm.

6. Hawaiian Beach Glass Lanterns

Another great craft for older kids. These frosted lanterns are very pretty.

7. Red, White, and Blue Lei

This paper lei is very simple and pretty.

8. DIY Tiki Torch

A great way to add some Aloha spirit to your party!

9. Hibiscus Flowers

These gorgeous flowers come with a FREE craft template.

10. Light Up Reef Craft

This super sweet reef uses an egg carton as the base for the reef. 

11. Toilet Paper Tiki Masks

Don’t throw away your toilet paper roll! These tiki masks are actually super fun and easy to create!

12. Moana Paper Doll Craft

A great take on one of Disney’s favorite princesses.

13. Braided Ribbon Lei

A very cool lei that is gorgeous as well.

14. Coral Reef PlayDough activity for kids

This is a great sensory and imaginative play activity for younger kids.

15. paper Flower Lei

This paper flower lei is incredibly pretty. And it isn’t difficult to make either!

16. Moana Necklace

This fun craft uses air dry clay to create the heart of the island.

17. Pool Noodle Corral Reef Craft

Cut the pool noodle up for a fun coral reef!

18. Coral Reef Craft for Kids

This fun coral reef craft uses pipe cleaners!

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