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12 Super Fun Black Glue Under the Sea Crafts for Kids

Just in time for the sunny fun of summer, I am so excited to share with you 12 super fun black glue under the sea crafts! You might be thinking, what are black glue crafts? Well, basically they are my new favorite way to get crafty with my daughter. The gist is that you mix Elmer’s glue and black acrylic paint together until the glue is black. Then you trace a pattern with the black glue and let it dry overnight. Once it is dried, you have the perfect outline for painting. I love to use liquid watercolors to make the design pop, but you can use watercolor pens, regular watercolors, or really any medium you would prefer.

black glue under the sea crafts

Recently I teamed with 11 other truly amazing craft bloggers to put together a black glue under the sea theme. My post is the first one in the list, but really you should definitely check them all out. I can’t even believe how beautiful these crafts turned out.

Black Glue Under the Sea Crafts for Kids

1. Dory and Nemo Inspired Craft

Here is my craft. Isn’t it so adorable? I am pretty thrilled with how it turned out. To see the full tutorial, click on this link:

black glue dory and nemo craft

2. Seahorse

Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things is so creative and has done a number of super cute black glue crafts. Click on the link below to see her Seahorse craft tutorial:

3. Snail Art

The snail craft from Melissa at Fireflies and Mudpies is so adorable too. Click on this link to see her craft:

4. Mermaid

Who wouldn’t love this Mermaid art poster from Amanda at Artsy Momma to hang on their wall? Click on this link for the post:

5. Shark!

Maggy from Red Ted Art always has the best ideas. I love her shark craft. It is cute and cool at the same time!

6. Sea Turtle

This Sea Turtle from Andreja at Easy Peasy and Fun is really cute. What a fun idea!

7. Jellyfish

Helen from Arty Crafty Kids really created such a sweet Jellyfish craft. I wonder if its sting is sweet too. ha!

8. Octopus

Oooh, this Octopus from Jen at The Mad House is so much fun!

9. Seashells by the Seashore

Kim from The Pinterested Parent created a super sweet take on the sea shore. Who wouldn’t want to collect these shells?

10. Rainbow Fish (like the book)

If you haven’t yet read this delightful book, you must check it out now. It is one of our favorites. This craft from Kimberly at Best Ideas for Kids looks just like it too!

11. Starfish

These Starfish from Nell at Rhythms of Play of play sure look like they are ready to play!

12. Rainbow Narwhal

I am not even sure I know what a Narwhal is, but it is sure cute. Check out this super fun craft from Agnes at hello, Wonderful:

black glue under the sea crafts

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.