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How To Make DIY Ocean Moon Sand

How To Make DIY Ocean Moon Sand

Check out this fun and easy recipe to make DIY Ocean Moon Sand, also called cloud dough.

Moon sand is also known as cloud dough or moon dough and it is such a fun sensory activity that is easy to make. Plus kids of all ages love playing with moon sand. For younger kids (who like to put things in their mouths), this simple moon sand recipe is perfect because it is non-toxic and won’t harm them if ingested. But the kicker is even older kids will dig playing with moon sand because it just feels good to play with. I mean, come on.. you’ll want to play with it too!

ocean moon sand

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What you will need:

ocean moon sand

* Note #1: Make sure to use oil based candy food coloring in this tutorial. Standard food coloring will not work because moon sand is oil based. We used this brand of candy food coloring here.
* Note #2: Moon Sand can also be colored using chalk and powdered tempera paint.

How to make the OCean Moon sand 

  1. Add 2 cups of flour to a large bowl.

ocean moon sand

2.  Mix ¼ melted coconut oil and 1 tsp of blue candy food coloring in a small bowl. (Add more food coloring to achieve desired color)
3. Add the colored oil to the flour and stir to combine.

ocean moon sand4. Knead the moon sand with your hands to fully distribute the colored oil in the flour.

ocean moon sand5. Place the moon sand in a large plastic storage bin and add in your seashells and fish!

ocean moon sand
*Note: Do this activity outside where you don’t mind a mess or place a plastic sheet down underneath for easy clean up. 

ocean moon sand

Ocean themed colored cloud dough is so much fun!

The great thing about this ocean themed colored moon sand (or cloud dough) is that it just feels so good squish it in your hands and through your fingers. The blue food coloring makes a fun ocean-themed play activity. Just gather some mini buckets, scoops, or just leftover cups and tupperware containers. Your kids can visit the beach even in the middle of winter! 

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