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Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament Craft

Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament Craft

This Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament craft is really sweet and a great craft activity for you to make with your family this year!

Aurora is one of the first Disney Princesses and Sleeping Beauty is one of the original Disney animated classics. It has delighted Disney fans for decades and many little girls dress up as Aurora for playtime, at Disney, or for Halloween.

My daughter was no exception!  This Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament craft is really pretty and fairly easy to make. Your kids could definitely help you make it– and they will love the fact that it sparkles!

sleeping beauty christmas ornament craft

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What You Will need:

sleeping beauty christmas ornament

How to Make the Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament:

Step One:

Start by removing the top to your ornament and pouring in a small amount of floor finish. Swirl the finish around the entirety of the ornament and drain any excess,

sleeping beauty christmas ornament

Step Two:

Carefully pour in your glitter and again swirl that around and drain any excess.

sleeping beauty christmas ornament

sleeping beauty christmas ornament

Step Three:

In order to make your crown take a piece of foam and trace a crown shape onto the foam, you can choose to free hand it or print a stencil.

sleeping beauty christmas ornament

Step Four:

Cut our your crown and place the sticky jewels on each point of the crown. Glue on the Pink Rose using a hot glue gun (the Rose does have a sticky back but I like to use a hot glue gun to reinforce it, this is optional).

sleeping beauty christmas ornament

Step Five:

Use the hot glue gun to glue the crown to the top of the ornament. Replace your ornament lid, add a hook and you’re good to go!

Isn’t this a pretty ornament?

sleeping beauty christmas ornament


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