15+ Amazing Superhero Crafts For Kids

15+ Amazing Superhero Crafts For Kids

These Superhero Crafts for Kids are really amazing, totally fun, and will make your kids will like the superhero they are!

If you have kids in your house, then at some point they are bound to start running around the house in masks and capes trying to save the family dog! If your kids love superheroes, then let them express their love of all things superheroes with a fun craft!

These superhero crafts are perfect for kids of all ages, and your kids are going to love them! You could even pair some of these with my superhero activities too! We are using these to make our DIY At Home Summer Camp Superhero Week so much fun! Here are the best superhero crafts for your kids to make.

superhero crafts for kids

1. Superhero Slime

Four completely different superhero slimes for different superheros. Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Incredible Hulk.

2. Mason Jar Superhero Bank

These painted Mason Jars make super cool Superhero banks. This would make an excellent gift too!

3. Avengers Clipboard

This would be a great craft to make for Back To School!

4. Superhero Handprints

This handprint craft uses paper, not paint.. and the results are totally adorable!

5. Printable Captain America Mask

These Captain America masks are really cool and would be great for imaginative play!

6. DIY Infinity Stone Crayons

If you have ever made your own crayons, you have got to try these infinity stone crayons. Wow. So cool!

7. Captain America Shield Bracelet

I love how simple this craft is… and the bracelet is made of felt so it’s flexible!

8. DIY Avengers Shoes

Use Modge Podge and super hero-themed napkins to create your own Avenger’s-themed shoes!

9. Superhero Craft

This is a very versatile and easy superhero craft that would be perfect for preschoolers. It comes with a FREE template too!

10. Clothespin Super Dad Craft

Dad is a superhero too! Make him feel like the superhero he is for Father’s Day or any special occasion with this fun craft!

11. Superhero Puppet Craft

These superhero puppets use popsicle sticks are are really cute!

12. Paper Thor Helmet

A great take on a Thor Helmet! 

13. Superhero Masks

These simple but fun masks are made out of paper and would be perfect for a superhero-themed party. 

14. Superhero Wall Art

This craft rocks… using string and tacks or nails to create unique wall hangings.

15. Avengers Paper Crafts

A great corner bookmark craft for an avid reader!

Check out these fun craft ideas too!

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