Super Easy Leftover Easter Egg Flower Crafts for Kids

Isn’t this flower craft adorable? One of the brilliant teachers at Sweet Pea’s school came up with this idea and did it with her infants! That is how easy it is! You know, sometimes the cutest crafts for kids are the ones that take almost no time to create. Read on to see how easy this flower crafts for kids is to make!

flower crafts for kids

Easy Leftover Easter Egg Flower Crafts for Kids

What you will need:

  • Craft glue
  • yellow construction paper or cardstock
  • the bottom (wider and shorter) half of:
    • one yellow plastic Easter egg
    • five green plastic Easter eggs
    • six pink plastic Easter eggs

flower crafts for kids

How to create it!

  • I would recommend figuring out where you want your flower to be before gluing. If you want to be precise, I suppose you could trace the outline of each egg. However, I didn’t do that and it turned out just fine.
  • At first I thought it would be easier for both me and Sweet Pea if I applied a layer of glue to rim of the egg. However, the egg wasn’t getting enough glue. So, plan B: I squeezed the glue onto the paper in the approximate place I wanted Sweet Pea to stick the egg.
  • Then, I instructed Sweet Pea to stick the egg onto the blob of glue I had just squeezed out. I did ‘try’ to squeeze a rough circle outline, but it wasn’t exact and that is ok. It was actually kind of cool to lay out all the Easter egg halves and then have Lilly follow simple instructions to grab the correct color.
  • We started with the yellow heart center. Then we placed the pink flower petals. We ended with the green stem.

And that is that! End to end, this craft took about 10 minutes or less (minus the time for the glue to dry of course).

I think this is an awful lot of cute for just 10 minutes and probably 50 cents worth of materials!

flower crafts for kids

Thanks for reading and have fun making cute crafts for kids with your kids this week too!

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