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Felt Christmas Tree Activity!

I am so excited to share this very cute and fun Christmas activity for kids with you today! Last year I wanted to create this little felt Christmas tree activity for Sweet Pea, but ran out of time. So this year I intentionally carved out an hour to make it and am very pleased both with how fast and easy it was to make, and how cute it turned out!

felt christmas tree activity for kids

Felt Christmas Tree Activity for Kids

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What you will need to make it!

  • Green felt– you can purchase a large sheet of green felt in the kid’s craft section of any craft store.
  • Assorted colors of smaller felt sheets
  • Black sharpie or marker
  • Good, sharp scissors. I was worried about cutting felt, so I invested in sharp sewing scissors and they worked very well. Here is my disclaimer. I do not sew. So, I have no idea if using sewing scissors on felt will dull them for other sewing projects. If you sew, you will have to judge that for yourself (sorry!).
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Strips of magnetic tape
  • Magnetic dry erase board

How to make the Felt Christmas Tree

  • I think the most difficult part of this simple craft is actually cutting out the tree. In order to ensure the tree was the correct size, shape, and proportion, I borrowed a tried and true crafting principle from paper crafting… the back side doesn’t matter because no one will see it! I just laid the green felt sheet on the floor and drew a tree with a black sharpie.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

  • You can see from the pictures that I was not thrilled with the first version of the tree I drew, so I drew some mini ‘practice trees’ on the back, decided on the shape I liked the most, and then ‘corrected’ my original design.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

  • In order to ensure I cut the correct tree pattern out, I drew hash marks on the desired lines. This made cutting the tree out a little easier as well.

Making the Ornaments

  • Once the tree was cut out, the rest of the project was a breeze! I did use the sharpie approach to cutting out the star as well, but realized that the black marker was rubbing off on my hands. So, for the rest of the ornaments, I just winged it. I know the circles are not very symmetrical, but I think the end result is quite cute– in a ‘Suessical’ kind of way.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

  • Since Sweet Pea is 2 years old, and I am hoping she will still play with this felt tree for the next few years, I added a layer of complexity to the ornaments. All of the ornaments have little pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other. I hope this will spark Sweet Pea’s creativity.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

  • Even the snowman and candy cane pieces are made like this. I know that you might be worried that the small pieces will get lost. Well, I am not too worried about it, because I used such a small portion of even one small piece of felt, that Sweet Pea could probably lose the buttons off of Frosty’s coat 15 times and I would still be able to replace them easily.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

Mounting it to the Wall

felt christmas tree activity for kids

  • You may notice that the finished tree pictured above is mounted right onto the wall. Originally, I used ticky tack to mount it, and that worked well.. for about 20 minutes. Within an hour the tree had fallen off the wall. I decided this was not an acceptable mounting solution.
  • When school supplies were on sale this summer, I was able to score a small magnetic dry erase board for about $10. We just had not mounted it yet. So, as Honeybear mounted the dry erase board to the wall, I completed Phase 2 of the Felt Christmas Tree Activity.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

  • Basically, this phase just consisted of affixing strips of magnetic tape to the back of the Christmas tree and tree trunk. Of course, I did not want the tape to fall off after 2 seconds either, so I just hot glued in in place.

The result was perfect! The Felt Christmas Tree fit very nicely on the dry erase board and has not fallen off in the few days we have had it up.

felt christmas tree activity for kids

After Christmas I know we will get a ton of use out of this little board. It can be used to draw on, and there are a number of magnetic toys, like the Melissa and Doug magnetic animals or the Leap Frog Alphabet that Sweet Pea will have a blast using it with as well. Of course, now that I have made one cool felt activity, I may have to create some more!

Thanks for reading and have fun creating!

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