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Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Snack

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Snack

To get excited about watching Aladdin with your kids, why not make this super cute Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Snack! Such a fun and easy idea!

Sing a-long with me for a second– ‘I can show you the world. Take you wonder by wonder….’ Are you humming yet? I bet you are. That song is one of the most iconic Disney songs there is. It speaks of adventure and exploring the world. 

When Aladdin was released it instantly became a Disney classic movie. Now, with the live action movie release, Aladdin will be re-imagined for a new generation.

If you want to host an Aladdin family movie night or get your kids excited to see the new release, these Aladdin’s magic carpet snacks will be a super cute and fun idea!

aladdin's magic carpet snack

Even if you aren’t planning to watch the movie, these snack are super cute and pretty healthy too!

What you will need:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Cream Cheese or Frosting
  • Fruit (I used strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries)
  • Fruit Roll Up
  • Purple Food Coloring

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How to Make Aladdin’s Magic Carpet:

  • If using cream cheese, soften at room temperature or in the microwave. Add in a few drops of purple food coloring, and beat until smooth. Do the same if using frosting.

cream cheese on cracker

  • Cover as many graham crackers as you’d like with a thick layer of cream cheese or frosting, keeping it as smooth as possible.

cream cheese on cracker with fruit roll up

  • Slice several different fruits, and blot off excess juice with a paper towel.

aladdin magic carpet snack

  • Arrange in the graham crackers in different patterns to represent Aladdin’s magic carpet.

Aladdin's magic carpet snack

  • Enjoy immediately!

Aren’t these crackers so adorable and fun? The cool thing is your kids could also easily help you make these treats after school or one evening before family movie night!

Party supplies for an Aladdin-themed Party

If you are making these snacks as part of an Aladdin-themed birthday party or watch party, why not pick up some of these adorable party decorations as well?

family fun free printable resource library

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.