The Best Free Family Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

The Best Free Family Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

Don’t worry about spending money to be festive this holiday season. These ideas are the best FREE Family Christmas Traditions to start this year!

Christmas can be one of the most expensive times of the whole year! Between shopping for Christmas presents, preparing Christmas dinner, all the way to getting a tree, you could spend thousands of dollars on Christmas alone!

While many expenses are associated with the Christmas season, there are also a bunch of ways you can save money this holiday season! If you are looking to make some fantastic memories with your family, having a few free family Christmas traditions could be just what your family needs!

Here are the best free family Christmas traditions to start this year.

free family christmas traditions

Drive around and look at Christmas lights

While this one technically costs you gas, it is still a great free tradition you can do with your family! Many houses get decked out for the holiday season, and it can be fun to drive around and look at all the lights!

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DC Christmas Lights

Make your own Christmas decorations

Whether you are looking to make a handmade ornament or something to hang in your home, there are a bunch of great Christmas decorations you can make! Many of these craft ideas don’t require any money and can be made from just the materials you have lying around your home!

Check out these Christmas craft ideas:

how to make super easy cinnamon ornaments

Bake your own cookies for Santa

Baking cookies for Santa is a great tradition that won’t cost you any extra money! If you do any baking at home, you probably have everything you need to whip some cookies for Santa this year! You can make your own homemade icing, and you’ll have your own homemade holiday cookies using just the items you have at home!

christmas cookies

We love these Christmas cookies:

Watch Christmas movies

You probably have access to free Christmas movies without even knowing it! During the holiday season, Redbox has a few options to choose from. Which you can use a free code to get the movie for free!

christmas movies

Many streaming services will also add a few holiday movies to their collection. If all else fails, you can rent DVDs from your local library or borrow movies from a friend or family member!

Attend a free Christmas event

Your city, or a nearby city, will likely have a few Christmas events throughout the holiday season. One of the best ways to enjoy these events is to wait for the free ones!

 christmas markets in maryland

These are likely to be events such as Christmas tree lightings or even just a holiday craft fair. These can be fun events where you can walk around and look at all the fun holiday things to do, and watch a show or participate in a local event!

Volunteer for a charity of your choice

Volunteering your time won’t cost you any money! This can be a great time to help out those in need. Serving soup at a soup kitchen or helping out at a food pantry are both great ways to help out this holiday season.

free christmas

Both soup kitchens and food pantries will be packed with people in need this year. If you can’t decide between them, consider volunteering with both!

You don’t need a lot of money to make holiday memories with your family! These ideas will have you excited for the holiday season, without spending a dime!

Check out these FREE Christmas Printables!

family fun free printable resource library

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