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10 Books On Sweet Pea’s Shelf for June

Something totally amazing happened last week. I had picked up a classic children’s book a few weeks ago, and last week when Sweet Pea was sick, I pulled it out to read to her. Little did I know that this book was a favorite from school. Of course I read it with all the animated gusto I could muster… and when it was finished, Sweet Pea begged me to read it another time.. and then again, and again. She has probably asked for that book to be read at least 40 times in the last week. In the blogging world, we call this ‘going viral.’ This week, one of the books in Sweet Pea’s library went viral.. and I couldn’t be more pleased! Read on to see which book it was (hint: it is #1), and 9 more books we are reading a lot this month! Then, check out the rest of our book recommendations and more great activities for toddlers!

10 Great Kids Books_June

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Reading Activities for Toddlers: 10 Books on Sweet Pea’s Shelf for June!

    • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury– Yes! This is the book! If you haven’t read it to your child yet, drop everything and find a copy now! I think the reason we love this book so much is that it is easy to do the movements and make it a song (actually, there is a song version that I have sung at summer camp). Once this family finds the bear, it is so much fun to frantically ‘run’ back home (ie– slap your legs).

    • Maisy Goes to the Museum: by Lucy Cousins– all the Maisy books are so sweet. I think we love this one because at one point Maisy imagines going to the moon as an astronaut. Her Daddy loves that part in particular.

    • Because Your Daddy Loves You: by Andrew Clements and R.W. Alley– Speaking of Daddy, no June would be complete without reading at least one book about Dads and how great they are. This book is lovely as it talks about a Daddy taking his daughter on an all-day trip to the beach. I want to come next time!

    • The Very Lazy Ladybug: by Isobel Finn and Jack Tickle– This book is just plain cute.. and perfect for a summer month reading list. The little ladybug spends so much energy trying to be lazy, she keeps getting herself into more and more precarious situations.

    • Just One More: by Jennifer Hansen Rolli– I see so much of Sweet Pea in this little girl. Just one more! What happens when one more becomes too much though? Read this book to find out!

    • Three Hens and a Peacock: by Lester L. Laminack and Henry Cole– This book shares a fairly sophisticated life lesson for a book geared towards preschoolers. However, is ever too early to teach kids that they should find what they love and what they are good at doing– and be the best at that– instead of trying to be someone else?

    • Down By the Cool of the Pool: by Tony Milton and Guy Parker-Rees– This fantastic book is illustrated by the same artist as Giraffes Can’t Dance. So, in other words, the book is beautiful! It isn’t just the illustrations though– the words are very lyrical and sing-songy. This book is a great reminder to kick back this summer and get a little silly!

    • You Are (Not) Small: by Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant– All things are relative and it really doesn’t make sense to exclude someone just because they are different. Such a great message for such a simple book!

    • Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!: by Bob Barner– This is a simple and fun book about all the different kinds of bugs your kids could find in their yard this summer. This book would be great to read before a nature walk!

    • Ten Tiny Tadpoles: by Debbie Tarbett– A clever take on the counting monkey books. Also, a great way to practice counting down from ten with your preschooler or toddler!

What books are you reading this summer? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

10 Great Books For Kids_June

Thanks for reading and Happy Summer!

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» 10 Books On Sweet Pea’s Shelf for June

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