Learning To Say No As Part Of Better Self Care

Learning To Say No As Part Of Better Self Care

One of the best things you can do to take care of yourself is learning to say no. These tips will teach you how to relish that small but powerful word!

When we think about self-care, images of bath bombs and face masks usually come to mind. We think about taking time off to mark things off our to-do list and making delicious meals at home. When it comes to self-care, we are so busy relaxing from the life that is causing us stress that we don’t take the time to ask where it all comes from.

This year, I have put self-care as more of a priority in my life, and it goes beyond adding a bath bomb to the tub. I’ve learned to say no as part of my self-care practice.

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Learning to say no is hard

In a world that is focused on being busy and rewards those who don’t use their vacation time, it can be hard to say no. Saying yes is associated with positive things. We’re told that we won’t miss out on important opportunities or experiences, and we can finally do all the things we want.

Saying no isn’t easy because it’s not made to be easy. Saying no has a negative connotation when, in reality, saying no can be a good thing.

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This doesn’t mean saying no to everything

Practicing self-care by saying no doesn’t mean you suddenly erase everything from your calendar and say no to everything. It’s not about what you are turning down, but what you are choosing instead. I say yes to the things that bring me joy, that doesn’t burden me. I say no to the things I don’t want to do and aren’t necessary. This leaves me more time and headspace for the things I do enjoy.

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Saying no can be a freedom you don’t expect

Saying no is a freedom that you don’t expect. When you say no to something, it lifts a weight off your shoulders. You are suddenly more open to the things you’d like to do, and you don’t feel rushed through your day. Having less to do isn’t always a bad thing, and sometimes it is necessary.

Saying no is a sneaky kind of self-care

Saying no is the self-care topic that no one talks about. It’s a way of freeing yourself to have more time for what you like, but more important than that, it opens up doors you didn’t know were possible.

Instead of reaching for a frozen pizza on a busy night, you might find yourself with more energy to make something from the fridge instead. You can enjoy that trip to the grocery store or a meal out with your husband. 

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Saying no reignites you

If you always feel like you don’t have any energy or that the energy you do have doesn’t seem to be enough, try saying no. You may find that what you were missing, that extra pep in your step, was from that one less thing you had to do.

Saying no is a freeing thing I didn’t know I needed in my self-care routine. I hope you now realize just how important it is so you can add saying no to your own self-care practice this year.

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