Why You Should Journal For Self Discovery

Why you should journal for self discovery

Journaling is actually really great for your mental health. Check out these reasons why you should journal for self discovery!

As a young girl, I always loved getting my thoughts out on paper. I had diaries as a teenager and even started journaling as an adult. I would spend hours just getting lost in the pages of my journal. Writing has always been a form of self-expression and helped me realize that I didn’t even know until I put pen to paper.

Journaling can be a great way to practice self-discovery and even understand the reasons behind why you think or feel a certain way! Here is why you should journal for self-discovery.

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Journaling gets your thoughts out of your head

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad, those emotions are very powerful, and the feelings are fresh in our minds. After about a week, we have a difficult time remembering why we were feeling so sad.

Or, we might have a lessened understanding of how we were feeling. By writing in your journal when those thoughts are in your head, you can revisit them with some clarity later to see what you were thinking and feeling in that moment.

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Using journal prompts can help prompt change

Have you ever gone back to look at a journal prompt and found yourself less than thrilled with the answer you wrote down? Perhaps it had to do with how little you sleep or what your life from the past year looked like.

Sometimes it’s not until we have to answer a specific question that we are prompted to make a change. It might not be something big like what your life will look like in five years, but prompts can help you realize how you’re living your life.

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Journaling can help identify habits

There are so many things we do on autopilot without thinking about it. This could be everything from how you start your day to how much time you waste in that day. It’s not until we take the time to sit down and recap our day that we realize what habits we do without realizing it! While some of these habits are intentional, like starting your day with reading instead of social media, I’m willing to bet there are others you didn’t mean to start.

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Journaling helps you understand yourself better

Journaling gives us all a unique opportunity to learn more about ourselves. When we journal, we write down the important things and little details about ourselves and our lives. Going back through these entries can help you know and understand yourself better. What kind of person are you versus how you see yourself? These discoveries can help you make better decisions and help you understand your actions better.


While I’m no longer writing about my secret crush in school anymore, I find that journaling can be a valuable tool to help express myself and better understand who I am as a person, and help me understand the why behind my thoughts and feelings. Journaling can be a powerful tool to help you discover more about yourself and even learn something new about yourself too.



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