What To Do With Empty Notebooks

What To Do With Empty Notebooks

If you have a lot of empty notebooks lying around, check out these great ideas for what you can do with them!

We have all been there before. You see a cute notebook on clearance; you just have to get it. Well, one notebook turns into two, and suddenly, you have a pile of unused notebooks with no real plan for how to get rid of any of them!

If you don’t want to throw away or donate these notebooks, there are plenty of ways you can use them that don’t involve getting rid of them! Here are ten great ways to use up an empty notebook. These work for any size or style notebook too!

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Turn it into a diary

A blank notebook is perfect for writing out your thoughts and feelings! You can use it to start journaling everything from your thoughts to your daily memories.

Make it into a password journal

Keep track of logins, passwords, and other important information! This is perfect for those who don’t like password managers or other tools.

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Use it to make lists

Use your notebook to make grocery lists, to-do lists, or list out things in your head! You can use it to make lists of everything from what you want to get people for Christmas to what you want to do for dinner.

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Take notes

Use it for taking notes while watching videos, courses, or reading books. You can save quotes you like or use it to save important things you learn.


Use it as a sketchbook

If you want to start doodling or drawing, use an empty notebook as your blank canvas. This can help you start getting into drawing without having to commit to buying a sketchbook.


Make it into a planner

You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy planner! Use each page of your notebook as a day on the calendar and plan out your week, month, or day!


Practice lettering and handwriting

If you’ve wanted to start diving into the world of calligraphy, use this empty notebook to get started! You can use it to start practicing lettering and handwriting.


Write down your routines

If you’re starting a new habit or routine, use this notebook to write out your routine. You can start planning them out by timestamping your routine or just brainstorming what you want that routine to look like.


Turn it into a dream journal

If you dream a lot or like to look back on your dreams, use it to write down your dreams from the night. You could use this as a goal-setting dream journal too!


Make it into a bullet journal

Bullet journals don’t require any fancy notebooks to get started. If you have a completely blank notebook, you can use all of these other ideas and turn it into a bullet journal!

Just because you have a pile of empty notebooks doesn’t mean you have to donate or get rid of them. You can easily use them up without feeling like you’re just wasting paper! These ten ideas are all perfect for using up any size notebook, and hopefully, this has helped you too!


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