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Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament Craft

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament Craft

This adorable Simba Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament craft would be an excellent ornament to make with your kids this year and hang on your Christmas tree!

Simba’s roar might not have been mighty when he first started practicing, but by the time he faced Scar in the final showdown, this Lion King was mighty, strong, and brave! If you and your kids loved watching the Lion King movie, or if you enjoy the Disney Jr. Lion King TV series, you will absolutely want to make these adorable Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornaments this year.

This is the perfect Christmas ornament craft for any Disney loving family to do and would look lovely hanging on your tree! Read on for the full tutorial and FREE craft template!

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament

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Lion King Mickey Ears Ornament Crafts

What You Will Need:

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament

  • Cardstock or Construction Paper (cardstock would be better because it is a heavier material). You will need the following colors: brown, dark yellow (or mustard orange), orange, pink, and light yellow. Note: the template indicates Simba’s mane tuft is dark yellow but if you want it to stand out from the rest of the fur, print that page out on a more orange sheet of cardstock.
  • Glue stick (like kids use in school)
  • White school glue (like Elmer’s glue)
  • Optional: paper plate or small tray, paintbrush
  • Optional: Black marker or sharpie (for tracing)
  • Scissors with sharp edges (so, adult scissors, not kid scissors)
  • Glitter in the following colors: black, orange, and black
  • Orange crayon or marker (or colored pencil)
  • String or Ribbon; preferably a basic color like black or white.
  • Lion King Ornament Craft Template (see below)


How to Make the Simba Lion king Ornament

Download and print out the Simba Mickey Head ornament template. Before you print, check out the instructions on the PDF download. Print each page of the template out on the corresponding color for each of the different parts of Simba’s head. 

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament


Once you have cut out all the pieces set them aside.

Now let’s start assembling the Simba ornament!

First, glue Simba’s eyes, nose, and yellow snout to the main Simba ornament (the large circle).

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament

Then color in Simba’s eyelid and irises with an orange crayon or marker.
Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament

Next glue the brown pieces of Simba’s ears to the two smaller dark yellow circles and take the two smaller yellow circles and glue them to the back of the main Simba ornament. These are the Mickey Ears. You might want to use the Elmer’s glue (as opposed to the glue stick) for this step… just to ensure the ears stay stuck.

Finally, glue the orange piece of Simba’s fur (his eventual mane) to the back top of the ornament, between the ears, as shown below.

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament

Time to Add Glitter!

Add glitter! So, there are two options with the glitter. You could glitter your pieces before you glue them together or you could glitter your pieces after the cardstock elements are already glued together. Either way, you will want the glitter to dry completely before you move onto the next step. 

Pro tip: You don’t want to use too much glue or the glitter will be clumpy. You also don’t want to use too little glue or the glitter will not stick to the cardstock evenly. Definitely use Elmer’s glue (or glue like that). Best crafting practice: squirt glue onto a plate or tray and then use a small paintbrush to paint the area you want to add glitter to.

Then, sprinkle the glitter onto the area, shake off the excess, and let it dry.

For Simba, add black glitter to the edges of his ears. Add pink glitter to his nose and orange glitters to Simba’s eyelids.

Lion King Mickey Ears Disney Ornament

Finally, flip over the ornament and add a bit of white school glue to the back. Loop a piece of string or ribbon and glue in place.

Allow the glue to dry completely.

Isn’t this Simba Mickey Ears Disney Ornament crafts so cute?!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.