15 Super Cute Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

15 Super Cute Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

These are great ideas for Valentine’s Day cards for kids to make this holiday!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means your kids will need to start thinking about Valentine’s Day cards.

If your child is in a public or even private school, chances are they will need to make A LOT of Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. With the average class size being around 20 or so students, this is going to be a lot of cards.

If you need some fun and festive Valentine’s Day cards that your kids can make, here are 15 Valentine’s Day cards for kids to make. These may require a little parental supervision, but your kids should be able to do the card making themselves.

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids to Make

1. LEGO Valentine’s Day Card

This is such a cool concept– you make a heart stamp out of LEGO and then create the card!

2. Creative Valentine’s Day Cards

This is a great way to give your kids maximum creative flexibility. You just put out the supplies and let them create!

3. Printable Scratch-Off Valentine Cards

I didn’t even know you could make your own scratch off cards. This is a really neat concept. 

4. Fidget Spinner Valentine’s Cards

Oh, it’s a toy and a game! You have to buy the fidget spinners, but you can get those cheaply enough. 

5. Light Up Circuit Valentine’s

A great card idea for the budding electrical engineer in your life!

6. Cat and Dog Valentine’s Day Card

Oh my goodness, these little pets are adorable!

7. You’re A Great Catch Valentine’s Day Card

A cute idea with Swedish Fish. Very clever.

8. Silly Fill-in Valentine’s Day Cards

We always have a lot of fun with Mad Libs fill in the blank activities. This Valentine’s Day card is a riot. 

9. Squishy Heart Valentine’s

This fun card adds a heart-shaped squishy ball for even more pizzazz. 

10. Pop Up Love Birds Card

Your ‘tweetheart’ will love this pop up card!

11. Sea Animal Valentine’s Day Card

These super cute cards are very punny. Your kids will love them!

12. Robot Valentine’s Card

This robot is fantastic and great to give kids or other family members. 

13. Lion Thumbprint Valentine’s Day Card

A cute way to incorporate a little keepsake of your kid into an adorable card.

14. I’m Bananas for You Card

Add some fun banana candy and you have a bright, fun card for Valentine’s Day!

15. Kissing Hand Valentine’s Card

This pop-up card will make Mom and Dad smile so big!

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