Lion King-Inspired Crafts For Kids

Lion King-Inspired Crafts For Kids

These Lion King inspired crafts for kids are the perfect way to celebrate all things Lion King. A great Disney-themed activity idea!>/small>

As I child, I grew up watching The Lion King and singing along with Timon and Pumba as they sung Hakuna Matata. The Lion King was one of my favorite Disney Movies as a child, so naturally when I saw Disney was making a live action version, I knew I had to take my kids to see it!

The Lion King is one of my daughter’s favorite stories, so to get her ready for the upcoming movie, we are putting together some fun lion crafts! Here are 25 lion crafts you can make to celebrate the new Lion King movie!

lion king inspired crafts for kids

1. Lion Footprint Craft

Make a keepsake craft and let your kid pretend to be the king of the Savannah!

2. Recycled CD Lion

A clever use for a used CD.

3. Cupcake Liner Lion

This sweet craft would be perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

4. Scrap Paper Lion Craft

This is a very Eric Carle-inspired Lion Craft!

5. Paper Lion Craft

A cute idea to make a lion puppet.

6. Paper Bag Lion Puppet

A fun lion puppet with a free craft template.

7. Lion Mask

Let your kid practice their ROAR while pretending to be a lion.

8. Paper Plate Lion

March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb… and this lion paper plate craft is adorable.

9. Newspaper Lion Craft

Don’t throw out those old newspapers! This craft is great for kids!

10. Seashell Lion Craft

A great way to use those shells you collect from the beach!

11. Foam Cup Lion Craft

Use those foam cups for a great lion craft!

12. Lion Handprint Art

Hands make the best lion handprint craft!

13. Lion Leaf Craft

Combine lion craft ideas with nature craft ideas!

14. Recycled K Cup Lion Craft

Another great use for recyclable materials.

15. Cupcake Liner Lion

Another great cupcake liner lion craft.

16. Love Lacing Lion Craft

Combine a fun lion craft with a lion craft.

17. Curly Paper Lion Craft

This is a fabulous paper plate lion craft!

18. L is for Lion Craft

Learn the alphabet and make a fun lion craft too. 

19. Lion Paper Bag Craft

Paper bags are not just for lunch, they also make great crafts.

20. Handprint Lion Mask

A very ferocious lion mask.

21. Paper Roll Lion

This Toilet Paper Roll Lion Craft is part of a larger Zoo animal craft set.

22. Puffy Paint Lion Craft

Puffy paint is such a fun craft medium.

23. Toilet Paper Roll Lion Craft

Another classic take on a toilet paper roll lion craft.

24. Paper Plate Lion

An easy paper plate lion craft perfect for younger kids.

25. Lion Rock Art

These lions would be awesome for a kindness rock idea.

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