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Fantastically Fun Toy Story Crafts For Kids

Fantastically Fun Toy Story Crafts For Kids

These fantastically fun Toy Story Crafts For Kids are really awesome and a great way to celebrate all things Disney!

I have loved the Toy Story movies for years, so naturally when I found out they were creating more, I sat down with my daughter to watch them too. From the classic story of Woody meeting Buzz to Woody’s adventures with Bo Peep, there are so many great movies to watch in the series.

If you are looking for a fun Toy Story craft for your kids to do, you’re in the right place! These crafts work well as companions the movie, for parties, or just as a fun activity to do for your Toy Story lover! Here are the best Toy Story crafts for kids.

Toy Story Crafts for Kids

1. Forky Pencil Topper

Forky from Toy Story 4 is really a quirky fun addition to the Toy Story family.

2. Toy Story Slime

Toy Story slime is such a great sensory play idea for kids.

3. Forky Mask

These would be great for a puppet or a Forky-themed costume idea.

4. Woody Slime

This is great! Saddle up and make sure you don’t break any laws with this fun slime.

5. Toy Story Doll Craft

Woody, Forky, and the Alien make a great trio of paper doll crafts.

6. Toy Story Pumpkin

A fun option for fall and Halloween.

7. Toy Story Snow Globes

Make your own snow globe with a Toy Story theme!

8. Alien Paper Plate Craft

The aliens from Toy Story are really so fun and easy to create!

9. Toy Story Forky Craft

Another take on the Forky craft.

10. Bunny and Ducky Craft

These two stole the show in Toy Story 4. So much fun!

11. Alien Handprint Card

A whimsical handprint card that is easy to create.

12. Camo Slime

Ok, Soldier. Let’s Get Going! 

13. Buzz Lightyear Craft

To Infinity and Beyond!

14. Slinky Dog Paper Chain

A great craft idea for younger kids.

15. Toy Story Alien Craft

A really easy Toy Story alien paper bag puppet craft.

16. Alien Rock Painting

Rock painting is a great idea and these would make great kindness rocks.

17. Parachuting Army Men

I love these camouflaged paper plate army men!

18. Slinky Craft

This paper craft is really easy and a great idea.

19. Slinky Dog Craft

Another take on Slinky Dog that uses pipe cleaners as the coils.

20. Toy Story Paper Bag Craft

Make these fun paper bag puppets!

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