10 Super Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For The Holiday Season!

I am beyond thrilled today that Maggy Woodley from the amazing Red Ted Art is guest posting on Sunshine Whispers today. If you are unfamiliar with Maggy, stop everything and click on over to her site (or just read this post) to get brilliant ideas for fun art, crafts and activities you can do with your kids! 

Of all the fun things to do around Christmas holidays, we enjoy making Christmas crafts the most! Kids just adore seeing their finished craft projects hanging on Christmas trees, on window sills or doors, turned into garlands and buntings! And don’t they make the perfect presents kids can make at Christmas? And there are so many awesome themes to pick from: angels, reindeers, gingerbread man, Santa, etc. Which one is your favorite? Hard to decide, isn’t it?

christmas crafts for kids

10 Super Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For The Holiday Season!

1. Easy Button Snowflakes

We like to mix up some of the winter themed items when crafting around Christmas. Good example are these easy button snowflakes, one of the Christmas and winter crafts featured in our Handmade Ornaments book.

2. Gingerbread Man Cards

No Christmas can pass without few of the Gingerbread people around! Kids love making and decorating them in different mediums, from cookies to paper crafts. We even made Gingerbread Man cards to send to family members!

3. Handprint Christmas Tree

If you would like to make big decorative piece for Christmas with group of kids, either for home or classroom, make handprint Christmas tree! Easy enough even for kids as young as toddlers to participate in creating!

4. Christmas Tree Twirler

Paper plate crafts are easy and cheap to make. And they can look wonderful, like this fun Christmas tree twirler! Kids are sure to be satisfied with finished project as they see it twirling and whirling!

5. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Paper tube crafts are so much fun! We love using this inexpensive items from our recycle bin and we reuse them quite often for crafting, like this fun little toilet paper roll reindeer we made for decoration and play few years ago! Kids still use it to retell some of their favorite Rudolph stories!

6. Paper Angel Printable

We also love seeing little angels decorating our home around Christmas. Use paper angel printable to assemble few of these cute little angels and hang them on your Christmas tree as an ornament or string them into a garland.

7. Hand-print Ornaments

Do you keep your child’s crafts and keepsakes year after year? When they look as beautiful as these handprint ornaments, they will surely find a place on your Christmas tree each year!

8. Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments

Another super cute and easy to make paper tube craft are these adorable little toilet paper roll snowmen! Make lots of them and use them for Christmas gatherings are a bowling game. Kids will have a blast!

9. Torn Paper Christmas Wreath

Use your paper scraps and invite kids to have fun tearing them into pieces to make torn paper Christmas wreath. They will love it! And finished project hanging on your door will make them proud of their work!

10. Easy Yarn Trees

Wrapping around and working with little fingers is great fine motor practice for little hands. Especially when there are so many different ways and items to decorate when they finish wrapping their easy yarn trees!

We also enjoy thinking about and planning Christmas present kids can make. When made with their own hands, they send out special and warm feeling to receiver! Nothing quite like Kids Crafts you can give too! Do you prefer to make your own Christmas present or you like it better when giving store-bought gifts? Sometimes, when time is short, store-bought is fine, but still, we treasure kids made presents the most!

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