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How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Disney World can be a very expensive trip. Want to know How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000? Here’s how to make that dream a reality!

Disney World can be a very expensive trip. This is especially true if you are traveling with your entire family or even staying onsite. While your trip won’t necessarily mean 5 Star accommodations and expensive dining locations, it is possible to take a trip to Disney World for multiple days with your family for only $3000 or even less! Here’s how to make that dream a reality!

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000


Book your Disney World vacation during a promotion

Disney has promotions all throughout the year. While the most popular is during the Free Disney Dining Plan promotion, it’s not the only one you can take advantage of. During off season times, Disney needs to fill rooms, so they will run promotions to try and get guests to the park and into those unfilled rooms. If you don’t know about current promotions, consider asking a Disney travel agent or look on the website for more information.

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

If you must stay on site, go with a Value Resort

Disney has value resort properties that have all the perks of a Disney resort at a fraction of the price. There is nothing wrong with value resorts and they can sometimes only cost you about $100 per night for a Disney room! This will lead to big savings throughout your trip, and you can still get transportation from the airport and to the parks like the other resorts.

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Stop paying for transportation

Disney has so many choices from monorails, buses, to even Ferry boats to get you to and from the parks! Parking and rideshares will run up your bill while you are at the park! Instead, stop paying for transportation and take advantage of the options that are available to you! Not having a car with you will actually help you save money since the resorts and parks make you pay for parking by the day!

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Crunch the numbers to see if flying or driving makes more sense

Depending on where you are traveling from, flying may be the only realistic options for your family. However, many families will find that they can save thousands by driving instead of flying. Crunch the numbers and do the math to make sure you are doing what’s right for your family.

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Book a longer Disney World trip

It may seem crazy, but the secret to big savings is to book a longer trip. A six or seven-day ticket will end up being less per day than the more expensive daily tickets for a shorter trip. However, to make sure you aren’t totally overspending, make sure you run the numbers to make sure you are getting a lot of Disney bang for your buck!

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Don’t make every day a park day

If you want a longer stay at Disney, consider making a few resort days or Orlando days instead! You’ll save money on your trip and you can actually enjoy the resort you paid good money for! Disney Springs is a fantastic option. And honestly, your kids will probably love hanging out at the pool more than just about anything else on the trip!

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Plan to eat only one big meal a day

This is a big money saving tip, especially if you opt-out of the Disney Dining Plan. Trust me, you won’t go hungry either. Agree on one big meal a day (and that meal can rotate between breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Most of the sit-down restaurants at Disney World go way overboard on food. Like, you will eat enough for two meals in one sitting. 

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Then, the other meal(s) you are in the part for, opt instead for snacks. Disney snacks are amazing and you want to save a little room for them. Many snacks are like small meals in and of themselves… and they are much cheaper than a sit down restaurant. 

Also, you can opt for a lighter meal at your resort, either in the resort Quick Service area, or even in your own room.

How to Take a Trip to Disney World for Under $3000

Buy snacks and other amenities ahead of time

Did you know you can order pretty much anything on Amazon and have it shipped to your resort? Did you also know that the resort will actually deliver your purchased items to your room? This is an awesome option if you want to stock up on water, snacks, and toiletries. When my daughter was younger, we even shipped a cheap banana stroller via Amazon to our room. It was waiting for us when we got there for about $20. That is less than the cost to rent a stroller for one day!

This is a huge money saving tip, especially if you decide to pay out of pocket for meals instead of using the Disney Dining Plan. You can essentially stock up on snacks, drinks, etc.. and eliminate the need to eat one full meal a day at Disney prices.

Saving on Souvenirs

I will be totally honest with you– you will want to buy all the things at Disney World. Everything is cute. Everything is fantastic.. and even if your willpower is strong, the pleading from your kids will also be very loud. But there are less expensive options for souvenirs. Maybe tell each kid they can get one major souvenir on the trip, and then a small ($10 or less) souvenir on the other days. This will limit most of the buying to smaller items like pins or postcards.

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Also, you can get tons of Disney themed toys, t-shirts, etc… at the Orlando Wal-Mart. I know that sounds cheesy, but it will help preserve memories without killing your budget. 

You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to take a trip to Disney! If you follow these tips and take advantage of these deals, you can go to Disney for a whole lot less!

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