10 Disney World Weather Tips You Need To Know Before You Go

10 Disney World Weather Tips You Need to Know Before you Go

These 10 Disney World Weather Tips will help you maximize your fun even on bad weather day.

If you have been anywhere in Florida, then you probably know how all over the place the weather can be. Before you head to Disney, there are a few things you need to know about the weather. To help make it easy, I’ve put together this list of 10 Disney World weather tips that you need to know before you go!

disney world weather tips

Start your day early, and end your day late

If you are visiting during any time of the year, you will notice that it gets not only hot but humid! To beat the heat, start your day early in the park and leave during the afternoon. Come back in the late afternoon and stay until the park closes to avoid the heat and humidity.

disney world weather tips

Stay cool with water and personal fans

The heat in Disney is no joke! Make sure to find ways to keep yourself cool! Two of my best tips is to drink plenty of COLD water and to use personal fans to keep cool.


Know what to ride in the rain

It will likely rain every single day while you are at Disney. Know what rides are indoors and save those for when it rains. Be sure to keep in mind wait lines too so you can make sure you are staying dry while waiting to ride.

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disney world weather tips

Invest in a sturdy poncho

Dollar Store ponchos won’t cut it during a heavy downpour. Make sure that you bring real rain gear to help keep you dry when it rains.

Have a spare pair of shoes handy

Wet feet will lead to blisters, so make sure you have a spare pair of shoes to wear in case yours get soaked.

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Make lunch reservations at table service restaurants

Lunchtime will be when it is the hottest in the parks and the most likely time when it will rain. Stay out of the elements by sitting down at a nice restaurant for lunch instead.

disney world weather tips

If bad weather closes the ride, you can still use your FastPass!

If weather causes a ride to close that you had a FastPass for, you can come back anytime that day before the park closes to ride!

disney weather tips

If it pours, go resort hopping!

Disney has some incredible resorts! You don’t have to be a guest to walk around the resort and enjoy the restaurants that are in them!

Stay informed about the weather

Hurricanes do hit the Orlando area, so be sure to stay informed about the weather and stay up to date throughout your trip.

Avoid the Animal Kingdom during bad weather

The Animal Kingdom park is almost all outdoors. Which means if it will likely be bad weather all day, then you want to stay away from this park! If you must go, try to look for indoor rides that you can enjoy and even hit the safari ride in the rain!

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I hope these weather tips will help you plan your trip so you can avoid bad weather and have a great time!

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