Best Books With A Shocking Plot Twist

Best Books With A Shocking Plot Twist

These are the best books with a shocking plot twist! Check out the top 15 books to read! 

There are a ton of really amazing books out there, but some of my favorites are the ones that have a shocking plot twist! These twists keep the books exciting and make me want to read well past my bedtime! If you are looking for a fascinating read that will keep you on your toes, then this might be the type of book for you!

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Whether you are looking for a mystery novel or a regular love story, there is something here for everyone! Here are the best books with a shocking plot twist! They will be hard to see coming!

The Couple Next Door

This page turner started as a gathering at a dinner party and turned into something so much more. 

Life of Pi

How will one survive when everything that they’ve known is gone in an instant? This pageturner is a must-read. 

Behind Her Eyes

Are you looking or an eery thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Lost Among the Living

Follow along to find out the mysterious death and what other things will be uncovered. 

Gone Girl

This is about a marriage that has gone horribly wrong. You’ll literally be at the edge of your seat. 

The Cutting Season

Are you looking for a rare murder mystery? Grab your very own copy and dive in! 

Me Before You

This book combines love and sadness in a way that will have you thinking about it longer after you’re done. 

She’s Coming Undone

Part of Oprah’s Book Club, this page-turner follows along with a child turned women in a journey about her life. 

Truly Madly Guilty

Everything seems normal during the weekend, but something is about to go terribly wrong. 

The Book of Unknown Americans

This book is about family, picking up, and starting somewhere new. 

In the Dark, Dark Wood

You’re going to love reading this psychological thriller! 

The Westing Game

This book is about game, money, and strangers! Who knows how it’s going to turn out?! 

I Let You Go

The Good Son

A loss of memory makes for a thriller unlike anything you’ve ever read. 

The Kite Runner

What happens when two become friends in an unlikely world? This book tells the heartbreaking story. 

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