20 Books To Spend Your Entire Weekend Reading

20 Books To Spend Your Entire Weekend Reading

Spend your relaxing time reading, not trying to find a book to read! These 20 books are so good you will spend your entire weekend reading!

Do you finally have a weekend to yourself? The kids are all gone and you finally have some time? If you are ready for a weekend of relaxing, one of the best things I can recommend is diving into a good book. These books are perfect for a weekend of reading and will be so good you’ll have a hard time putting any of them down! So whether you need a good love story, a funny book to laugh with, or something to keep you intrigued during a boring weekend, here are 20 Books To Spend Your Entire Weekend Reading.

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The Girl on the Train

This is such a gripping thriller about and will forever leave you wondering how much you really know about your neighbors.


Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

This is really riveting memoir of a New York Post writer who has a neurological disorder and is seeking treatment. 


Manhattan Beach

Set on the Brooklyn Docks during World War II, this is a historical fiction account of a girl who is trying to avoid the mob and learn skills to better her life.


Stay with Me

This is a devastating story of a young couple in Nigeria who are experiencing infertility, and the pressure put on them to be able to have a baby.


My Lovely Wife

A dark thriller you literally will not be able to put down!


Girls Like Us

An FBI agent investigates a string of deadly murders and discovers a prime suspect is… her father!


Fresh Complaint: Stories

What happens when a high school girl wants to break out of the life she has as an immigrant? 


The Golden House

Set against the backdrop of Barak Obama’s inauguration, a filmmaker learns a little too much about a socialite family while researching them for a film he is making.


Open Book: A Memoir

If you are a fan of Jessica Simpson, or just curious about her life, you have to check out this memoir!


The Turn of the Key

When a nanny responds to a job ad in the Scottish Highlands, she doesn’t know that it will lead to her being in prison for alleged murder!


Sing, Unburied

Set in Mississippi, this novel is about a boy, a man, who is struggling to reconcile his messy family amidst the backdrop of American culture and history.



A thriller about a college drop out who takes a mysterious job with a medical researcher to care for her family but is faced with ethical dilemmas that would vex anyone with a soul.


The Secrets We Kept

CIA secretaries turned spies. Ooooh, this spy thriller does not disappoint.



Can you make a series of bad relationship choices and still come out ahead?


Catapult: Stories

Family, marriage, childhood. Life, love, and family. If you think you know what they mean, think again. This book will challenge everything you know!



This is a delightful novella by Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin).


All Grown Up

A hilarious novel about a single– almost 40– woman and now she navigates life.


The Silent Patient

A therapist is trying to find out the motive for a woman who killed her husband. But this psychological thriller is full of the unexpected!


Dinner at the Center of the Earth

A true political thriller centered around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 


Bluebird, Bluebird

A thriller that deals with love, race, and justice. You won’t want to put this novel down!


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