The 20 Greatest Books Written By Women

The 20 Greatest Books Written By Women

These are the greatest books written by women. Make sure to add them to your reading list! 

There are thousands of books published every single year. While most of them might not pique your interest, there are several books written by women that are fantastic tales! From both autobiographies, nonfiction works, and fictional stories, there are so many great books that were all written by women.

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Maybe you started a woman’s study unit in your homeschool. Or, perhaps you just want to be inspired by one of the great female authors of our lifetime. These are all excellent books by women. I promise none of these will disappoint you in the slightest!

The Handmaid’s Tale

If you like reading dystopian novels, this page-turner is a must. It’s now also a huge hit TV series that follows along with the book. 

Little Women

This classic is a must-read. You’ll fall in love with the characters and storyline. It’s truly a classic tale that follows along with four sisters during the Civil War. 

The Awakening

Set in the Victorian era, this book talks about a woman in a stifling marriage and follows along with her honest portrayal. 

The Bell Jar

Follow along with a women who is battling mental illness and all the various social pressures that come along with it. 


Gone Girl

What really happens with a marriage behind closed doors? This proves that it can take a terrible and horrible turn in an instant. 



Follow along with the 1,000 mike journey of a determined female who does it all on her own. 


Bad Feminist

This book full of essays takes you on a ride throughout the various years of females. 


Their Eyes Were Watching God

This is a story about Southern love that is full of wisdom, beauty, and heart. 


In the Woods

What happened in the woods with the children that failed to return home at the end of the day? 


To the Lighthouse

Follow along and explore family tensions and stories that surround a trip to the lighthouse. 

White Teeth

This story follows along with the friendship of two World War II Veterans and their lives. 


The Death of the Heart

Following the story of an orphan, find out what happens when she starts to fall in love. 

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

This book follows along with a teacher who marks the lives of students before the start of World War II. 

The Golden Notebook

This writer keeps various colored notebooks to write about different stories and events. Each color means and stands for something different. 


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

The pages of this book talk about the loneliness of children and what can make the world better again. 


Wuthering Heights

This is a classic that has been popular for years. Based on love and tragedy, it’s a must-read. 


A Room of One’s Own

What happens when imagination never gets to full be played out? This book dives into the realities of unexpressed genius. 


The Color Purple

Find out how the protagonist does her best to protect her sister from a life of abuse.



Every page is full of jokes, laughter, and the genius words of Tina Fey. 


Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular novels of all time. It is the tale of two hearts and takes place in the 18th century. 

More Books To Read! 


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