Easy Things to Do When You Are Feeling Down

Easy Things to Do When You Are Feeling Down

Feeling down every now and again is normal, and with these tips you’ll bounce back in no time!

We all have bad days, or we feel down unexpectedly. Whether you are suffering from depression or just having a bad day, there will be days when you feel like you can’t be happy. On these days, I like to refer to this list of easy things to do when you’re feeling down to help me pick myself back up and turn the day around.

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things to do when feeling down

Get yourself out of bed

When we’re having a bad day, it’s easy to retreat into our bed and use this place as a sanctuary. The problem is that sometimes staying in bed all day makes us feel worse. Instead, try getting out of bed and even make it to keep you from going back to bed.

Read something inspirational

This doesn’t necessarily have to be from a book. Sometimes just hearing the right quote or phrase can be just what you need to pick yourself back up. Scroll through Instagram accounts that inspire you or check in on your favorite influencer. Find something inspirational to help give you perspective.

things to do when feeling down

Reach out to someone

Reach out to your spouse, a friend, or a loved one with who you can talk through some of the things that are causing you to be upset. Sometimes just saying the words out loud can be freeing and even help you feel more at peace. This can help you feel connected to someone and less alone or give you a bit of comfort during a difficult time.

Get out of the house

Go for a drive, head to the park, walk on the beach, or get yourself out of the house for a little while. It doesn’t matter where you go, but spending some time outside is always a good idea. Vitamin D is good for your mood, and it can help you clear your head.

Remember that you are amazing

When we’re feeling down, it can be tough to find the good in our lives. It can be easier to look at all the things we’re doing wrong than the few things that are going right right now. Remind yourself that whatever reason led you here, that you are amazing, and you will be back on your feet in no time.

things to do when feeling down

Kindness is the best medicine

If you’re feeling down, try doing something nice for someone else. Sometimes this small act can help make us a little bit happier and help put things into perspective. This can be your kids, your spouse, or someone in your community, such as a teacher or neighbor.

Write down the things that are bothering you

If something is on your mind, try writing it down on paper. Sometimes just the act of writing down the things that are bothering you can help you find out how to cure your sadness. It might show you a path you overlooked or help you get out those hard feelings.

No matter why your day is off to a rough start, hopefully, this will inspire you to take action and help lift your mood at least a little bit.

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