Magical Books You Will Love If You Are A Harry Potter Fan

Magical Books You Will Love If You Are A Harry Potter Fan

These magical Harry Potter like books will remind you of Harry Potter and open your eyes to new reads! 

Harry Potter is a classic story that both myself and my kids have loved reading. While I dreamed of receiving my own Hogwarts letter as a kid, I kept searching for another magical book to whisk me away.

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series, there are a ton of fantastic books that any Harry Potter lover will enjoy reading! These books are just as magical, and equally as addicting as the Harry Potter series. You may even find a new favorite amongst this list of books! Here are the best magical Harry Potter style books to add to your library.

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Carry On

This is a love story, a ghost story, and a page-turner full of mystery. 


The world of Neverwhere is full of fantasy, nightmares, and more. Will he be able to return back to the real world or be stuck here forever? 

The Alchemyst

Find out the secrets of Nicholas Flamel, who actually was in the Harry Potter book! 


A Discovery of Witches

Written for grown-ups but combines the writing styles of Twilight meets Harry Potter. A page-turner for sure! 


The Magicians

Find out what happens when magic is practiced in the real world. 


The Night Circus

This book shows what happens when two magicians go head to head. 


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

What special powers do the children have? Each one is unique and magnificent all in their own right. 


Pennyroyal Academy

The girl who wanders from the forest arrives and changes everything from the moment moving forward. 

Knights of the Borrowed Dark

There are monsters lurking in the dark just waiting for a reason to come out! 

Artemis Fowl

This three-book set is about fantasy, magic, and humor. 


The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials

This magical world showcases animal features on humans and is full of suspense. 


If you like to watch Game of Thrones on TV, you’re going to enjoy the pages of this book. 


The evil character from the book that a father is reading his daughter literally comes out and takes over their house. How can one harness magic to help that they didn’t even know they had? 

Shadow and Bone

These books create a fantasy world that will have your imagination running wild! 

The Lunar Chronicles

This book is about a time in the future with cyborgs, queens, mystery and all the makings of a truly classic fairy tale. 

More Books To Read! 

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